Sunday, June 7, 2009

And This Concludes The Tour...For Now

The final stop on the Spring Kiss of Life Tour was in one of my favorite towns, Salem, Massachusetts. I had an excellent time at the excellent Cornerstone Bookshop. A personal highlight was meeting Michelle, a librarian who writes Tempting Persephone, one of my favorite book blogs. Michelle, although she didn't realize it, was very dear to my heart because A). she wrote one of the first, and kindest, reviews of Generation Dead to hit the web and B). she picked on an intricacy within the book that few before or since have commented on, and as I am a shameless egomaniac that really meant a lot to me. Turns out that she is as cool as her blog, which is to say very, very cool indeed.

And she's giving away a signed copy of Generation Dead at her blog now, if you know anyone that wants one! Read about it HERE

Speaking of contests, Zombie Waters is still without an official your suggestion to the blog for your chance to win the U.K. edition of Generation Dead!

Despite having been to Salem about 72 times in my life, I'd never visited the House of the Seven Gables, which is odd because the book that bears its name is one of my favorites, as is the author of the book, Nathaniel Hawthorne. Well worth the trip if you find yourself in Salem and are looking for something a little less witchy to do.

There's still some witchy connection there, though. Nathaniel changes his name from "Hathorne" to "Hawthorne", because he wanted to dissociate from certain relatives, especially John Hathorne, a judge during the Salem Witch Trials, as he was ashamed of his family's role in the trials.

You know who else was involved with the Salem Witch Trials? A minister by the name of Increase Mather. His son Cotton Mather, also a minister, had influence on the trials as well.

Wouldn't it be weird if Reverend Nathan Mathers also changed his name, adding the "S", to distance himself from his illustrious ancestors? Hmmm.


Gabrielle said...

You know, I'm still all for: D. Ed Mann.

Despite how corny it is. ^_^

My brother still says that he screams "Fred".

Shayleeray said... friend said she made some 3D thingys of the characters? idk where it did it get posted?

Marie said...

I love Salem too! One thing though, don't go in the middle of winter- it literally turns into a "ghost town".

Delaney the Undead said...

maybe the zombie is best left un named? lol. 'no name waters' is kinda cool in its own way.

Ill def. check out your friend's blog in a bit...but I am going to sign off now because I am dying.

ok, im being over dramatic, but apparently my body is immune to oh...I could be becoming zombie-ish soon.

Anonymous said...

Walter all of a sudden seems a good name.
xxBat Bikexx

Anna-Tommy-lover said...

Hi Daniel!
Wow!I´ve always wanted to go to Salem!I love witches jaja!And sounds really interesting!
Hummm...I´m still with I.L Beback, but Jona or Jonas sounds cool too. about naming him Salem?
Hey, I know it´s a lie, but how did some web sites thought you were dead?
Well,gotta go!
You rock!
Anna-Tommy-lover(your ยบ1 fan!)
Today I´ll finish Kiss of Life!
" "

Daniel Waters said...

Hi Gabrielle!

I'll post the winning name this week!

Take care,

Hi Shayleeray!

I think I posted that a couple days ago!

Take care,

Hi Cupcakewitch!

True...but ghost towns are fun, too.

Take care,

Hi Delaney!

Don't die, please.

Take care,

Hi Bat Bike!

Walter is a goog name, yes.

take care,

Hi Anna-Tommy-Lover!

I have no idea why sdome web sites thought I was dead--I hope they aren't disappointed I'm not!

Take care,