Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Three Cheers for Necromancy

Necromancy Never Pays, that is, one of my favorite literature blogs. I first came across the blog when I was obsessively googling myself (insecure egomaniac that I am) in the months that followed the publication of Generation Dead. Jeanne wrote an essay/review of the book entitled Fiction and Lies. I've been a fan of Jeanne's commentary ever since. I think I'd even enjoy her blog if she slammed my books, she's so interesting.

Okay, that's a lie. The enjoying it if she slammed me part, not the part about her being interesting. I'd probably start sniveling and have to jog an extra mile the way I always do when someone sends me a lousy review (I really don't google myself anymore!). But check out Fiction and Lies; she doesn't let me completely off the hook but then again she accurately nails so much of what I was trying to do I don't mind.

She's also written a review of Kiss of Life that you can find by clicking the first link above, but don't stop there--click around and discover some of the best writing on writings available out on the blogosphere.


Amber Lynne said...

She made a great review<3

Jeanne said...

Aw [shuffles feet] you're too kind! Certainly kindness is not one of my policies in writing. So I like writers who don't require it.

Natasha said...

I adore your blog, Generation Dead is, and will always be, a favourite of mine, especially because of the twist you put on the undead :)

Daniel Waters said...

Hi XxamberxX!

She did, didn't she? I love her blog.

Take care,

Hi Jeanne!

My wife tells me I react better to criticism than praise, if that means anything.

Take care,

Hi Look4Sunshine!

Why, thank you! What a nice thing to say!

Take care,