Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Break My Heart 1000 Times Movie News

Did I mention that I read the script? I did. And it is great. The Break My Heart 1000 Times script was written by the multitalented Jason Fuchs. Some would say the crazily multitalented Jason Fuchs--actor, producer, and screenwriter--is there nothing this guy can't do? I heard he can 360 windmill dunk and make a subtle and nuanced risotto that comes out perfectly every time, too. And he's only 26! I'd likely hate him if he hadn't done such a wonderful job on writing such a suspenseful, scary script for BMH1kx.

He also, btw, wrote the screenplay for a little film called ICE AGE 4: CONTINENTAL DRIFT, which is playing, like, everywhere. Check it out.

I ran across a recent interview with Jason on the Script website where he speaks a bit about adapting BMH1kx for film and about many of the other exciting projects he's worked on or will be working on. He's a fascinating guy. You can read the interview HERE.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

U.K. Stitches!

Here's the floral cover of the U.K. Ebook edition of Generation Dead:Stitches to complete your bouquet. I'm told it will be released some time in August!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Creative People

I'm addicted to the lives of creative people. Specifically, to what inspires creative people, how they developed, how they work, their process, and how they make their way in a world that doesn't always seem geared towards supporting creative people. In looking over my list of what I've read this year, there are tons of books that I've read that have given glimpses into the lives of creative people--autobiographies like Boy and Going Solo by Roald Dahl, biographies like Hemingway and his World (I've probably read fifty-seven books about Hemingway), creative essays/memoirs like my friend David Yoo's new book The Choke Artist and Johnette (Concrete Blonde) Napolitano's book Rough Mix. Books like F. Paul Wilson's Aftershocks and Others, which is a book of short stories, but sandwiched between the stories are snapshot recaps of his career from year to year--fascinating encounters with both the production and business sides of creative endeavor (one of the things that have helped forge the bonds between Stephen King and his Constant Readers, I think, is that many of his books have similar material; the forwards, the afterwords, the story notes that give his loyal fanbase a peek behind the curtain, a chance to see the story behind the story). Musicians' biographies, artists' biographies (especially anyone that ever created for Mad Magazine, or painted science fiction book covers), writers' bios, anything. If you create, I want to read your story.

My friend Matthew Dow Smith is a creator--the type I'm insanely jealous of, because he is able to create just about anything in any medium, its seems. His newest creation is The October Girl, a brand new digital comic book from MonkeyBrain Comics, and you can--and should--get the first installment for the lofty price of .99 cents. And then you can catch some insight--for free!--into his process, his career, and the considerations one has to take into account to be a creative professional--in his eight part "Toys and Corners" series on his blog, starting HERE.

Buy the comic, read Matt's blog--it is my belief that by studying the lives of creative people as well as their creations you will find enrichment and inspiration for your own life. Give it a shot.