Saturday, July 23, 2016

Generation Dead Book 4: My Best Friends Are Dead

Table of Contents:

The collected My So-Called Undeath blog


1. How's Life
2. Doll Parts
3. My Dead Heart
4. Purpose Statement

New Generation Dead stories:

1. Still Small Voices
2. Melon Heads
3. The Pain of Being Alive

Bonus new Break My Heart 1,000 Times story:

1. Passing Swiftly

On sale soon.  This will be the first time that any of this material has appeared in physical print.

I am debating including a brief author's note. I always loved when Stephen King kicked off his short story collections with his own introductions. He'd act as his own Crypt Keeper, at times curating, cuing, teasing, and carnival barking not only the work itself but also the process of creating the work. And, often, the impact that the work had on the community at large. It was an essay and not an introduction, but seek out his "Ever Et Raw Meat? and Other Weird Questions" for a great example. I used to dream about receiving correspondence similar to what he mentions in the article, although I no longer et meat, raw or otherwise.

I was always fascinated by how well those intros and essays effectively conveyed the unique experience of being a professional writer while also revealing a complete understanding of what it meant to be a "constant reader", and so the idea of trying something similar is appealing.

Then again, I always hated when just about anyone else tried the same stunt so we'll see.