Saturday, September 10, 2011

Young Zombies in Love and Peril

Is there really a difference?

Generation Dead: Stitches

Four short stories:

"How's Life"
"Doll Parts"
"My Dead Heart"
"Purpose Statement"

Release date 12/20/11, initially only in ebook!

With so many of you set to receive iPhones, iPads, Kindles, Kobos, Nooks,and all manner of e-reading devices for the holidays, make sure you save a whopping $3.99 left on your gift cards for this new Generation Dead release.

Just check out these advance reader comments:

"It will leave you in...wait, can I say the title of the book in a blurb? Is that ok? Or is that stupid? Shut up you guys! I've never blurbed before!" --Margi Vachon, Perky (but not Mall) Goth

"It it, I'm not...saying...that. Idiot." --Adam Layman, Hometown hero, zombie of utmost integrity

"My only comment is that I regret the stories won't be released concurrently in physical book form, so that my disciples could build a great pyre of the entire print run. Every copy--and every character, if they are around. There's nothing like a roaring blaze fueled by the bodies of the damned to kindle the holiday spirit." --Reverend Nathan Mathers, leader of One Life Ministries and professional hater

(Menacing Glare)--Takayuki Niharu, bon vivant

"I feel as personal privacy has been...invaded. You had deepest...thoughts...about Phoebe. I will be...blogging...about this." Tommy Williams, undead activist