Saturday, September 10, 2011

Young Zombies in Love and Peril

Is there really a difference?

Generation Dead: Stitches

Four short stories:

"How's Life"
"Doll Parts"
"My Dead Heart"
"Purpose Statement"

Release date 12/20/11, initially only in ebook!

With so many of you set to receive iPhones, iPads, Kindles, Kobos, Nooks,and all manner of e-reading devices for the holidays, make sure you save a whopping $3.99 left on your gift cards for this new Generation Dead release.

Just check out these advance reader comments:

"It will leave you in...wait, can I say the title of the book in a blurb? Is that ok? Or is that stupid? Shut up you guys! I've never blurbed before!" --Margi Vachon, Perky (but not Mall) Goth

"It it, I'm not...saying...that. Idiot." --Adam Layman, Hometown hero, zombie of utmost integrity

"My only comment is that I regret the stories won't be released concurrently in physical book form, so that my disciples could build a great pyre of the entire print run. Every copy--and every character, if they are around. There's nothing like a roaring blaze fueled by the bodies of the damned to kindle the holiday spirit." --Reverend Nathan Mathers, leader of One Life Ministries and professional hater

(Menacing Glare)--Takayuki Niharu, bon vivant

"I feel as personal privacy has been...invaded. You had deepest...thoughts...about Phoebe. I will be...blogging...about this." Tommy Williams, undead activist


Jessica said...

Yay! Congrats on the soon to be e-release...I can't wait to read the stories and with endorsements like these, well wow! (lol!) Should be killer.

Unknown said...

How exciting! I am looking forward to throwing that thing on my nook right away!

Leah said...

Can't wait! :D it sounds awesomee!!

Stefi said...

I know this isn't necessarily related to the post, but I've recently discovered this game on my iPhone that is rather addicting, and EVERY time I play it, I think of Generation Dead. I wonder what Tommy would think of it? It's called Zombie Life, and it even has a website:
Just wanted to call that to your attention. =)

Anonymous said...

Why won't it be released in an actual book? I realize that most people are up to date with the whole "online reader" things, but I am a lover of books, not just the contents but the actual books themselves, and therefore will not have a chance to read this because I refuse to buy one of those ereaders.

Will it EVER be released on actual paper? Or will I totally miss out on this?

Sorry if this seems rude, but I'm a huge fan of the series and I'm disappointed that I won't be able to read this because I strongly dislike ereaders and refuse to purchase one.

jedispyder said...

I don't own an eReader and really not sure if I want one. Is there a plan to release this in paper format at any point? Or can you read the story on your computer without needing an eReader?

jedispyder said...

Will it ever be released in paper format? I don't own an eReader (my most advanced piece of modern technology is a flip phone that I use as an MP3 player, lol). Or can you read this one your computer without en eReader?