Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Multimedia Fun Day--Cool Pics and Podcast Interview!

First, some cool pictures sent in by Stephanie:




Thanks, Stephanie! I'll post more from Stephanie later--she did just about the whole cast of the books! I wanted to post these first, though, because these characters don't get as much "press" as the others.

Also, this is kind of cool--my first podcast interview! Conducted by the lovely and talented Jackie of and also the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show on the radio in Michigan. The show will also be on Podomatic and on iTunes! Sweet! WARNING: TOTAL GENERATION DEAD SPOILER IN THE INTERVIEW! But you also get a tiny sneak peak on Passing Strange--which is actually available for pre-order on Amazon! Yay!

If I figured out how to do it correctly, you should see a little audio player gadget thingy on the right.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kiss on Tour

Yes, Kiss is on tour. I actually saw them a few nights ago, with Buckcherry as an opening band (love Buckcherry). Kiss can still bring it--Paul has had two hip replacement surgeries and still dances in platform heels.

Kiss is also on tour, as in Kiss of Life. I'll be at the Davis-Kidd bookstore in Memphis at 6:00 this Friday, and then I'll be in Nashville at the Southern Festival of Books on Sunday. Check out the full program HERE.

Hope to see you there!