Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Coming Soon!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Salem Literary Festival

I've been asked by the one of the wonderful editors of DEAR BULLY (click the link for maximum Beiber and info on the book and it's raison d'etre), Megan Kelley Hall (visit her to sit in on a panel promoting the book and the cause at the Salem Literary Festival in mega-awesome Salem, MA. I have an essay in Dear Bully that tells the secret origin of the Gen Dead series. I'm glad to go, because both Megan and Salem* rock.

Also rockin' is Megan's co-editor Carrie Jones, who you can visit at her website here: One thing I know about Carrie is that she really likes Grover. Like, a lot.

The Festival is Sept. 23-25. I hope that I will see you there.

*Special Salem/Gen Dead trivia: both Increase and Cotton Mather had a role in the Salem Witch Trials** I loosely based my arch-bioist character Reverend Nathan Mather on some of their less pleasant beliefs and personality quirks.

**Special bonus book recommendation: track down the Shirley Jackson book on the Salem Witch Trials, a very quick and insightful read. Then read her novels. All of 'em.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Dead Kiss

I'm told this comes out next week in the U.K.:

Not a new story, but a compilation of Generation Dead and Kiss of Life. A great, low cost entry point for readers new to the series, or for those who want another flower for their bouquet.

But speaking of new story, there will be some new Generation dead material soon. Ever wonder what would happen when Tommy returns to Oakvale from his time on the road? I bet it involves Phoebe!