Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Generation Dead Across the Pond

More good news for Gen Dead, as we've accepted an offer for publication in the U.K. I couldn't be happier.

I'll post more details when everything is finalized.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Generation Dead News

There was a big box on my doorstep this afternoon from Hyperion Books. The box was filled with advance reading copies, or "arcs", of my forthcoming novel Generation Dead. The books are beautiful, thanks to the stunning design by Elizabeth H. Clark and the beautiful cover photo shot by Ali Smith. You can click on the above image to see every nuance and detail of their work, as well as read a description of the book and all the whiz-bang promotion Hyperion and I will be doing as we approach the books' release.

I love the blue sky. Some of my favorite books feature blue sky on their covers--Infinite Jest and The Illustrated West With the Night come to mind. Really green grass is nice, too. Not to mention gorgeous blondes like the one on the cover of Generation Dead. I find I generally like books with gorgeous blondes on the cover, even if they don't have any words. My book has lots of words, and I'm happy to report they are easily readable, thanks to the twelve point Griffo Classico font. By odd coincidence, Griffo Classico is also my favorite brand of spaghetti sauce.

I kid. I would never eat store bought tomato sauce.

But if I did, it would definitely be Griffo Classico!

The arc is slick and cool against my cheek, and has the most interesting aroma, with undertones of oak, sandalwood and sage beneath the more bookish scents of newsprint and ink. A marvel of book design, really. If you ever tire of having Generation Dead on your bookshelf (unlikely, unless you are some Eco-monster who hates green grass and blue sky and gorgeous blondes) you could throw it in your sock drawer to keep your stockings, nylons and lederhosen smelling fresh.

Okay, I'm a little goofy, but it isn't every day you get an arc for your first ever soon to be published novel. In fact, it is exactly one day, and for me it is today, October 1, 2007. I'm a little excited.