Monday, October 1, 2007

Generation Dead News

There was a big box on my doorstep this afternoon from Hyperion Books. The box was filled with advance reading copies, or "arcs", of my forthcoming novel Generation Dead. The books are beautiful, thanks to the stunning design by Elizabeth H. Clark and the beautiful cover photo shot by Ali Smith. You can click on the above image to see every nuance and detail of their work, as well as read a description of the book and all the whiz-bang promotion Hyperion and I will be doing as we approach the books' release.

I love the blue sky. Some of my favorite books feature blue sky on their covers--Infinite Jest and The Illustrated West With the Night come to mind. Really green grass is nice, too. Not to mention gorgeous blondes like the one on the cover of Generation Dead. I find I generally like books with gorgeous blondes on the cover, even if they don't have any words. My book has lots of words, and I'm happy to report they are easily readable, thanks to the twelve point Griffo Classico font. By odd coincidence, Griffo Classico is also my favorite brand of spaghetti sauce.

I kid. I would never eat store bought tomato sauce.

But if I did, it would definitely be Griffo Classico!

The arc is slick and cool against my cheek, and has the most interesting aroma, with undertones of oak, sandalwood and sage beneath the more bookish scents of newsprint and ink. A marvel of book design, really. If you ever tire of having Generation Dead on your bookshelf (unlikely, unless you are some Eco-monster who hates green grass and blue sky and gorgeous blondes) you could throw it in your sock drawer to keep your stockings, nylons and lederhosen smelling fresh.

Okay, I'm a little goofy, but it isn't every day you get an arc for your first ever soon to be published novel. In fact, it is exactly one day, and for me it is today, October 1, 2007. I'm a little excited.


Fran Friel said...

Dan - This is the first I've seen of your book. It looks FABULOUS!

Congratulations. Looks like a total winner!


Karin Perry said...

I am at NCTE in New York right now and yesterday I got an Advanced Reader's Copy of Dead Generation. I started it last night and I'm already enjoying it. What an interesting concept!

Daniel Waters said...

Hello Inkdrinker!

Thanks you very much for the kind comments--hope you enjoy the rest of it!

Take care,

sandi said...

I was also at NCTE and picked up a copy of your book. It is FANTASTIC!
Please tell me there will be more because you are doing a series. (I have to know what happened to them and what happened to a certain jerk- so many questions but I cant ask them here without giving something away!)

I am really curious how you came about this idea for the book. It is a really cool concept.

Daniel Waters said...

Hi Sandi--

Thanks for the compliment! I'm glad you enjoyed the book.

As far as a series goes--I have a lot more I want to say with these characters and the "world" of Generation Dead", so I'm hoping that enough people will feel as you do and the book will do well enough to allow me to do that.

Take care,

CPLLibrariAnna said...

I was also able to get ahold of this book and LOVE it. I will be recommending it to all my teen patrons!


Daniel Waters said...

Hey there, CPLlibrariana!

I love that you love Generation Dead! Thank you for your support!

Take care,


Rose said...

I got an Advanced Reading copy of the book from a friend. I freaked out because that has never happened to me, and it's a signed copy, another first. =) I finished it in two days, but now I have to give it back! =(

An amazing book! I was so glad I got to read it. I know I will pick up another copy of it when it is released. I hope you get to write more on the Generation Dead universe! It was great!

- Rose

Daniel Waters said...

Hello Rose!

Only good friends lend books--and only good friends return them!

The release date is May 6th, not like I'm counting. Keep in mind too that the ARC is the uncorrected proof, and the May 6th release will have important and essential updates, like the correction of the misspelled name on p. 178, and the inclusion of a key comma on the ackowledgements page! Not to be missed!

And hardcover...let's not forget the hardcover with the lovely dust jacket, suitable for framing.

Thank you for your kind comments.

Take care,

Thanks for your kind comments

Comics & Classics said...

Daniel - I've almost finished the advance copy I got from you at the ABA Winter Institue. Love it! My customers will love it! Can't wait to get them in the store. I think your book could be used for teen book clubs to spark interesting and important discussions. You've done a bang-up job with this one!
-Kimberly, Comics & Classics - Jacksonville Beach, FL

Daniel Waters said...

Hi Kimberly--

Thanks for stopping by. I visited your website--your store looks great! Definitely a place I'd spend a lot of time (and money) in.

I'm looking for a few issues of Tales of Terror, a horror comic from Eclipse comics, I think from the late eighties. Do you have any of those?

Thanks for your kind words,


Unknown said...

AMAZING BOOK, I got the ARC copy and am reading it for a book report, even though book reports slightly ruin a book it was great!

Unknown said...

Sry im tali the name was a mistake

Mark Otis said...

I read the arc of Generation Dead which my wife (a book buyer for a local independent chain in Northern California) presented to me, and I charged through your wonderful book so fast that I gave my friends whiplash. With soulful and intelligent characters, plus a very fresh premise on the zombie universe, I am sure that this will be a best seller. Congratulations on this fine work!! I was dazed the whole next day after finishing it, as I looked around for anything that could fill the void left by Generation Dead. Needless to say, I have recommended my wife push this book in her stores! More, please, more!

Daniel Waters said...

Hi Mark,

Thanks so much for your kind words, and thank you for influencing your spouse on my behalf. I'm sorry about the whiplash!

Take care,


Comics & Classics said...

Hey, Daniel-

We don't have a lot of back issues in the store, but just tell me what issue numbers you're looking for and I'll keep an eye out for them when I go to MegaCon in Orlando in a few weeks.

I know you'd like our store. It's a geek/nerd/smartie/goth/zombie paradise. Oh, we're pretty cool for Trekkie's, Techie's, and gamers too!

mattpep said...
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bridget said...

I am super excited and can't wait for your book to come out. When will it come out, though?

Daniel Waters said...

Hi Bridget!

The book comes out May 6th.

Take care,


libraryrose4 said...

Hi Dan,

I am a teen services librarian in Arizona and I had the opportunity to read the advance copy of Generation Dead. It was fantastic! I couldn't put it down and stayed up to 2am on a work night to finish it. I was very impressed with your well developed characters, writing and the storyline was awesome. Once we can get our official copies, I will be recommending it to all of my teens, and hopefully will get a chance to booktalk it at nearby schools as well. Also, I have been raving about it at work, so all the other librarians are waiting to pass the advance copy around (but my husband is in the middle of it now, so they have to wait!)

It was great! I too hope that there will be follow up novels.

Congrats on your first book!


Daniel Waters said...

Hi Alicia!

Thank you for your incredibly kind post. I'm thrilled when anyone takes the time to comment on my book, but I have to confess I'm especially gratified when a librarian posts, because you folks are surrounded by tons of great books, everyday--you could read anything you want to! So when a librarian takes the time to read my book, and then takes even more time to post a comment--swoon. Thank you.

Sopeaking of "official" copies, check out today's blog! Soon! Swoon! Soon!

Take care,



cari said...

Hey Dan!
So i started reading Generation dead at 8 o'clock in the morning, and finished it at 1 a.m. Absolutely fantastic novel. I do have to say i am dissapointed that your book hasn't even come out yet, because it will be even longer until i can read the sequal. I absolutely loved your interpretaion of zombies, and thought that the term 'living impaired" was hilarious. Phoebe and Tommy's growing relationship was awesome too. I wish Pete made it to the clearing just 30 seconds later than he did. :(. But anyways, You have officially made it to my favorite authors list, which only consists of you, Laurell K. Hamilton, and Stephenie Meyer.
Fantastic book. Fantastic author.

Daniel Waters said...

Hello Car1!

Thanks for your post--and for tackling Generation Dead in one sitting.

I'm honored to be in your top three--

Take care,


bdavis said...

I saw your book in a magazine, so I googled it and it sounds fantastic! I cannot wait until May 6th! Good Luck =]
- Rhiannon

Daniel Waters said...

Hey Rhiannon,

Thanks for the good luck--I will use it wisely. Hope you like it!

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Dan Waters! I just saw your mug in the UConn mag's Alumini News. You have much less hair than I remember... but so do I. I am pleased to see how well things are going for you! I'll be picking up a copy of your book ASAP. I'd love to catch up with you.

Dave Duval (Sprague Hall)

Daniel Waters said...

Holy Crow, Dave Duval, the finest R.A. that ever walked a beat! Finer even than that Navy Seal who challenged me to a pushup contest (and won)! Finer even than that enormous Rasta who smoked up half the rain forest in a single sitting!

Email me whenever you get a chance at

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm Brianna. I'm one of your wifes students in Lisbon and i just have to say WOW! You are an amazing writer and Generation Dead is the best book EVER!

Keep it up!

Daniel Waters said...

Hi Brianna!

Wow, thanks for the huge compliment, I really appreciate it. Glad you enjoyed the book.

I'll be visiting Kim in class later this month, maybe I'll see you there.

Take care,

Jamie said...

Hey there! I walked into Barnes & Noble the other day with a 15% off coupon burning a hole in my wallet, and had just about decided on what I was going to use it on... and then I happened to walk through the teen fantasy section.

The cover of Generation Dead just absolutely leaped out at me - you're right to say it's gorgeous, and it also gets bonus points for having such vivid, vibrant colors and such a wonderfully, strikingly bizarre image that I could not possibly have not noticed it while walking by it - something I'm very, very grateful for in this case. Also nice is that, even though I'm sure it would be dead easy (er, no pun intended...) to find people willing to endorse this book, the back doesn't have a bunch of mostly-useless blurbs, but rather an actual sample of the text (along with a pair of boots on the cheerleader that I totally wish I owned, but that's beside the point).

And that sample totally hooked me, especially after I read the description on the book flap, and then (following through to the final stage of my Considering Buying a Book Ritual) the first page. Make that the first 15 or so pages, or maybe 20 or really I lost count actually; I ended up reading it in the store for quite a bit before I realized I was being silly and should just buy it already.

And boy, was it a good buy. I breezed right through it, and then was sad to see it end so quickly - I sincerely hope that you do get the chance to pen that sequel, because I want to know what happens next so much now that it's ridiculous, and it just screams out "I'm the first book in a series that will totally addict you!". I'm pretty much insisting that my parents both read it now, too, as they like a lot of the same stuff I do.

One of the things I loved most about the book is that despite featuring a Football-Playing Jerk as a primary antagonist, and despite featuring a goth girl in a love triangle that involves a zombie, the book doesn't in any part feel the least bit cliche or dumb or overly ridiculous; it's actually very fresh and fun and compelling and revels just the right amount in the absurd bits without screwing up the tension and did I mention there's absolutely not enough of it in just one volume?

So count me on the "I so totally want a sequel to this" bandwagon. I'm probably going to tell all my reading friends about this, as well as the local library if they haven't already picked it up. I'm also tempted to write the publisher and beg them get behind a sequel book, even, and I don't often have that kind of urge!

And I feel this way even though, as someone who is both a voracious reader and a would-be professional writer (here's hoping I can get puglished in oh, the next decade or so!), I am so utterly picky about what I read or watch nowadays. You've officially joined the ranks of Eoin Colfer, Diana Wynne Jones and Jim Butcher - folks whose writing I consider so good as to make me feel insecure about my own writing (something that, sadly, many best-selling books do not make me feel. Instead I find myself constantly finding more and more books that make me stop and think, "Well, if this crap got published, I'm a shoo-in!"). You're in my top five now, I do believe, and yet it's only your first novel - holy crap, how often does that happen? (Answer to rhetorical question: only once previously, with Jim Butcher, and even that I didn't find out about him until he'd published over a half dozen other books and everybody was raving about it, as opposed to me actually stumbling across it on my own the same month it's released).

Sorry for the verbose message, but, it's all stuff I couldn't help wanting to say, having found it (and your blog, actually) by such a happy accident! Call me a fan. :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Daniel, I loved your book. I can't believe it's your first. The ending was very unexpected and kind of sad, But i felt like i was left hanging. What happened to Pete and what about Adam and Phoebe? I think their should be a second book. The book was great.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan,
I'm about halfway through Generation Dead, and it is probably one of the best books I've ever read! I happened to find this book by accident whilst stumbling through Target, and I will have to say, it is the best mistake I've ever made! I love your style of writing! Keep up the good work!

Stone said...

Hello, Daniel
Your book is Amazing, I absolutley loved it to Death! Hahaha, I enjoyed every bite of it! It was Terrible when Evan Left,again, but It was so good,I've been in a Zombie mood since I finished it, and Definitely want one of those Zombie T-Shirts.
I cannot wait till the second book.

I've also mentioned you on my blogg and I hope people Read your book as well, and enjoy it as much as I have.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely stunning story. Great authors are few and far between. Please tell me you have a sequel planned.
Also I work in a Books A Million and we first received 4 copies of Generation Dead and sold them pretty quickly. Our warehouse sent us 6 more and we're now down to 2. I also made sure to put those last 2 copies on our Young Adult display right next to Stephanie Meyer and bestsellers. I hope this information helps in procuring a sequel. XD


Daniel Waters said...

Hello AloraBraken!

Thank you so much for the intel, and for all your efforts as a bookseller. I really appreciate it.

And the sequel is more than planned--it is written!

Take care,

sar said...

I just finished it up about half an hour ago--I loved it. I'm fifteen, but I know most books for my age group are generally written by adults thinking they've got "all this insight" into what it's like to be a confused teenager. But for me, I've found their attempts at relating to us just ends up as a shallow portrayal of their delusional supposed "memories as to what it was like," like when my parents try to tell me "they were my age once, too, believe it or not." (Usually tagged along with some awful joke about dinosaurs or the wheel)

Anyway, my point is: you did it. Okay, so maybe I don't know any zombies, nor have I experienced prejudice carried with the theme, but as far as that sort of dead-head wandering, trying to figure out what the hell we're doing here and why, I think the metaphor of zombies works perfectly.

I demand a sequel. :)
Great work! (Sorry this was so long--I'm a rambler. Obviously.)

sar said...

So I had typed out a long few paragraphs, bringing out the best of my grammar and trying to write older than my fifteen years. I went on about how wonderful I had found the metaphor of dead-head zombies, wandering aimlessly trying to figure out their purpose, which is very easy to relate to the common struggling teen (who are we, what are we, why are we here?)--only to have some sort of error delete it. Wonderful.

Moving on, I loved your book; I got a copy of Generation Dead from the library, but I'll definitely buy the sequel. (Which I expect to see) Your writing was clear, the plot ingenious--especially so as I usually shy away from sci-fi type books--and with characters that came to life on the pages--no pun intended.

No. I lied. Pun totally intended. :)

Anonymous said...

Omg you should totally write another book to go with generation dead. It was AMAZING! theres so many things that could happen in another book. i was really surprised with the ending definately not what i was expecting. Great job on the book!

Unknown said...

THis was my favorite book ever I loveed it even though the ending was sad but i want more!!!!! Will there be another book about after Adam dies and comes back please make another book!

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Omg. o_o Tell me the sequel comes out soon. I bought Generation Dead when I saw it at work, what with working at Borders and all, and I'm gonna go mad if I don't know where the ending goes! xD Granted, the book is still new... But I want a sequel nowwwwww.

Anonymous said...

I've been on an adult fiction kick as of late because it seems to me that every book in the teen section is repetitive and unintelligent, so when I walked into the break room at work and saw a friend sitting and bawling while reading your book I decided I had to read it as well. I'd planned on just borrowing it from the bookstore I work at, but when I finished it (in under 3 hours no less) and I myself was left tearing up, I bought it right away, and I've already lent it to three of my friends who loved it just as much as I did.

It's an amazing novel, and I'm so glad I have something of substance to recommend to all of the teen readers who come into my kids section looking for something new and fresh.

I (and so many others!) cannot wait for a sequel!

FionaB said...

I recently bought this book at Target, and it is amazing! One tiny thing though (I'm a nitpicker): On page 312, in the first paragraph, Karen says the DBs will "make due." I always thought it was "make do," but I could be wrong. Here is a link to a website explaining some common mistakes, including the make do/due:
Anyway, other than that, Generation Dead was a great book.

Anonymous said...

hey there:P I just wanted to stop by and say how FRIKIN AWESOME your book was!!My little sister showed it to me and I started to read it and I couldn't put it downXD! She asked if she could have her book back and im like no and threw her one of my Meg Cabot books to keep her busy.It was so great that I finished it at 3:30am this morning=)
I'll be inpatiently waiting for the sequel<3
~ Tiffany from new york city

lk said...

Daniel, just finished the book--loved it! It's a clever and well-written book. So many teen books do a good job of creating sympathetic teen characters, except for the bully character. I like that you actually fleshed out the "bad guy" and showed him as a three-dimensional character. I'm hoping for some sequels!

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! I Just Finished Reading Generation Dead And am looking Forward To A Sequel Or A novel Based Movie (Even If The Movies Do Ruin The Book)

=^_^= Ell

Dark Lord said...

I loved your book! I've recommended it on the forums I visit and am egging my friends to read it as well.

Can't wait for the sequel!

Anonymous said...

I got generation dead this afternoon and I already finished it. It was soooooo amazing!

ItsKATIE said...

Mr. Waters,
I seriously loved your book.
The cover cought my eye two days at B&N and I couldn't resist buying it.
It wasn't the type of book I'd normally buy, but the cheerleader and the wonderful blue school couldn't keep me away.
And let me tell you, I thought it was fantastic.
The story line between Adam and Pheobe made my heart MELT! I love them two.
And I love her and Tommy, he was such a sweet undead boy. Alot sweeter then some of the real, alive guys at my school!
Overall I just love the book.
I cannot wait for the next one, I'll buy it on the very day it'll come out.
Thank you so much for writing a book that was just different then what I'm used to. It was one of the best books I've ever read :)


Anonymous said...

i only read certain books that seem 2 really appeal 2 me and this book just seemed 2 jump out and i don't know why but i just took 1 look at it and i already liked it !
I mean ama typical teenager who most of the time dosen't read books but I LOVED IT! the best book ever! you have definatly got 2 make another book or a few more cause i really wann no what happens, :P i think its a really awesome book! your such a good writer :] please make more ! by EBS! xXx

CarolynP said...

I am a high school librarian. I just read Generation Dead. I loved it and I think the students at my school will love it too! I put it in a league with the Twilight series. I surely hope you are working on a sequel. I want to know: who are the white vans?, is the Hunter Foundation up to good or evil?, will Adam become a high-funtioning Zombie?, does Phoebe end up with Adam or Phoebe?, how will Adam's family react? Enquiring minds want to know! I sure hope you are writing the answers as we speak!

CarolynP said...

I am a high school librarian. I just read Generation Dead. I loved it and I think the students at my school will love it too! I put it in a league with the Twilight series. I surely hope you are working on a sequel. I want to know: who are the white vans?, is the Hunter Foundation up to good or evil?, will Adam become a high-funtioning Zombie?, does Phoebe end up with Adam or Phoebe?, how will Adam's family react? Enquiring minds want to know! I sure hope you are writing the answers as we speak!

Daniel Waters said...

Hi Carolyn!

Thank you for your compliments, and your questions. Many of them will be answered in Kiss of Life--although there are probably some new questions as well.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

When Does The Kiss Of Life Come Out in The Uk ??

irishbuklover said...

hi daniel! im 16 and from galway in ireland and i finished generation dead last nite. it was really great! i have a huge "crush" (as the americans say) on adam. PLEASE make a sequel (or two) cuz i have so many unanswered questions and miss adam already!!
PS all my friends loved it 2!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Just finished reading your book. I breezed right through it in a day--intriguing plot and all that helps to keep a reader's nosed glued to the page, you know?

Now I can't wait for the next book in the series after such a cliffhanger. Because there will be a next book, right? RIGHT?

:) Thanks for writing a great story and an easily accessible social commentary for our young adult population.

Anonymous said...

O my goodness, I loved this book. I could not put it down. So i read it in like two days. I hope that you will be writing more books on the "Generation Dead" universe beacuse the end was such a cliff hanger. But that made it all the more interesting.

Andy Lei :D

Anonymous said...

wow that is a very descriptive description of the book without telling much about the actual book...i like!...anyways loved the book...what's this i hear of a sequel? awesome!

Marnolino said...

I love this book! It's awesome! I didn't like it at first because I'd just read the Twilight Saga and I was like obsessed with Alice and then I began to see a little bit of Alice in Karen - who rocks - and I found myself loving all of the characters! Even Pete weirdly enough. I'd definitley give it a 100/10. Awesome!


Anonymous said...

Dan, I just read your book, and it was AMAZING (caps lock cannot fully express my fan-girly joy). Are you going to make a sequel? Please do!

Anonymous said...

Dan- your book was incredable! I've been lacking good reading since the Harry Potter series ended, and Generation Dead was absolutly amazing. It was such a brilliant idea. I might die *no pun intended lol* if you don't make this into a series. I'm dying to know what happens to Adam!!!!!!

Mersadee said...

I purchased your book yesterday and finished it that night. I absolutley loved it! The story, chareacters, everything were fantastic, it almost seeemed like it could be true. Thanks for creating such a wonderful book, I can't wait to read more ^^
Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Oh My Gosh!
My friend loaned me this book a few days ago and I just finished it. It was soo beyond A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!I don't even want to give it back. I need to buy a copy for myself. I had to read it slow because it was so good that I never wanted it to end! I was bawling my eyes out at the end! You are such an increadible writer! You MUST, MUST, MUST continue this series!
I am soo looking forward to a sequel!

Thank you SOO MUCH for writing this book!

Anonymous said...

I have to say this is actually my most favorite book of all time!! But I'm not sure if that is saying much seeing as I'm only 14. None the less I LOVED this book A LOT! All I have to know is when exactly is the sequel coming out? I want to read it so badly!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Heyar Daniel!
Love your Generation Dead book-it's amazing-however, I was wondeirng if there is gonna be a sequel? 'Cause I really needddd to find out what happens next!! A reply would be greatly appriciated, so email me the answer on:

Emmahh Waddington.x

PS, keep up the amazing work!

KyPhenAndOo said...

Just wanted to say that "Generation Dead" was an extremely interesting book.
Though I thought, at first, that I didn't enjoy it at all... I realise that I did like it a bit.
However, I have been plunged into confusion about whether or not the writing of the book was to my taste or not.
Please, do you have anything you want to change in the plot?

Leaving love,

Anonymous said...

Hey! My sister and I are having a World War III in our livingroom over who gets to read generation dead first. Please tell me there are more than two books to the series!

Anonymous said...


I had never heard of your book until my cousin Jasmine H. bought the book... she came over and wouldnt stop reading it when she was finished with it I asked to borrow it I read the first chapter and fell inlove I cryed at the ending =( Anyway thank you for sending your book into the world for all us readers!!! U rock!!!

Cant wait for the Next book

~Destiny~ (Des)

Leanna Crystal said...

I would like to start off with saying that I LOVE reading. It's an escape so fantastically magestic that it can become a reality if you let it...
Taking the willing away to different dimensions, new worlds, wisking them off into parallel universes so surreal it intoxicates their soul, piercing them with imagination. Phew! Glad I got that off my chest :)

I bought a copy of Generation Dead just yesterday & finished it about 15 minutes ago.

(The cover is beautiful too)

I love how you write the way my brain would process normal, everyday thoughts. Great story line, I love when I can feel emotion and a real connection w/characters from reading a good novel. Thanks so much!

Can't wait for the sequel!


VampireLibrarian said...

I work as a Children's librarian at the library I have volunteered over 7 years at. During the past few years I swore to myself I would never become drawn into teen fiction, especially being in my 2nd year of college. And I made it many a month before this book beckoned me, and on a slow day at the library I picked up a book, planning on providing an hour or so of entertainment before attending my duties of pretending to build the next space shuttle, figuratively, while doing very little in all actuality (a little known secret- sometimes librarians can be quite the lazy lot, amidst the shelving, labeling, etc.). Much to my surprise I was pulled into an entirely new world, one I didn’t want to leave. And so I didn’t, at least not for the rest of my shift, at which point I was forced to retire for the evening, clock out, and drive off into the vista of the evening. And by vista of the evening I do mean the local book store where I purchased the last remaining copy of Generation Dead, and happily trotted home to my bed, a quite comfortable cement slab. Upon such a glorious cushion I sat and read until the break of dawn what I consider to be one of the best stories I have read to date. In my stubborn attempt to avoid the silly arteries of teen fiction that supply the limbs of stereotypical high school students with such preposterous situations for so many years, I couldn’t be happier with the resulting nature of this book. It encompasses all that I miss about high school, and all that I don’t. This book very neatly sums up the attitudes of today’s youth, paving the way for the next generation of young adult fiction. Dan, your book was simply amazing all around. Original, riveting, and so true to life. I am counting the days until the release of the sequel, and with any luck, more books (not just in this series) by you. I very much enjoyed the first book, I love the cover art (who doesn’t like blue skies, very green grass, and gorgeous blondes? And wispy clouds; don’t forget the wispy clouds.), and the book does indeed carry a pleasing aroma; the woods, the paper and binding, but also the aroma of promise. The promise of a good read, and one that I recommend to all readers; young or old.

Anonymous said...

hey Daniel

Im 14 and live in dublin, Ireland.
I have just finished reading Generation Dead and i loved !
I cant wait to read Kiss of life
will there be any more sequels?

Anonymous said...

Just finished Generation Dead and LOVED the ending. Have just recommended that my local library get a copy of Generation Dead: Kiss of Life when it becomes available. Wait time for Gen dead is 40 days. Good on ya!

Anonymous said...

Have you thought of making this a movie? It would just ruin Stephanie Meyer, but who cares?

sandi said...

Just curious, Anonymous, but how would a Generation Dead movie ruin Stephenie Meyer?

(not that I think a GD movie is a bad idea, I just don't follow you...)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just want to I am addicited to your books! I read Kiss Of Life in a weekend!!
So, as a fan, I'm writing a fanfiction and I was wondering if the author of these holy books could help me. Or anyone else, actually.

In what chapter does it say what happened to Juile? Please!! I need help!!
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I just finished this book and I loved it. I order the second book, "Kiss of life" and I can not wait to read it

Anonymous said...

This was-is-one of my favorite books. In my opinion it would be an amazing movie. Just as long as Robert Pattison and Kristen Stuart aren't in it!

Do you think you'll ever look in to Generation Dead: The Movie?

Generation dead said...

Hello Dan.
i just wanted to ask if there is going to be a 3rd generation dead novel. i really hope so. i love the book soooooo much.


Anonymous said...

Hello Dan,

I just wanted to ask if there is going to be another generation dead novel. i hope so i am a huge fan. out of all the novels i have read this is the best one.


Madison said...

Hi Daniel, I just got a copy of your book Generation Dead a couple days ago and I love it. I'm not finished with it yet but I will be tommorow:]. I was on youtube and I noticed that people where putting up videos of audditions. Is the book going to become a movie or telivision show? I think it would be get if it did, its hard for me sometimes to picture things in a book.

litaddict101 said...

I absolutely loved the GenDead books-- I was into the whole Twilight craze before I realized that I actually really hated it. But the Generation Dead books have a smart (Shock!), funny heroine and a great plot that touches on prejudice and the pain of being an outsider looking in. Thank you, Mr. Waters, for making such an incredible contribution to modern fiction.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha i loved the girl on the cover at first.
But then my friend showed me what she looked like at a different veiw.
And she looked kinda scary.
But the book was amazing.
I love it.
Although she really needs to figure out who she loves more.

Helen's Book Blog said...

I am a high school teacher librarian and almost half way through Generation Dead. I am REALLY enjoying it! I"ll leave a comment with my blog review when I'm done. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

ii absolutely loved generation dead and kiss of life ii thought they were amazing and ii am sooo glad phoebe ended up with adam. will there be another book because ii want to know what happens to karen,tak and tommy :)
all the best,

Kels<3 said...

I came across generation dead in the book store and new i had to read it. And i was right, it is an amazing book, and i got very into it, i almost cried about adam at the end of the first book. I hope there is a third, and that everything works out for the zombies (differently biotic)

Maddiii said...

hey dan
my names maddison aand i am abosoloutly in love with your books they are amazing. i am fourteen years old and find it very hard to get into books and when i read the first page of your book i became in love with the series.i was wondering if you were going to make your books into a film because they are Defiantly worth it. if you ever needed anyone to play phoebe i would love to play her. i feel like when i read your books i am her!

i would love to hear from you
Maddison Page

gabi said...

I luv ur book!! bought it the other day and am almost done going to do my reading project on it. i wish there was a movie too like someone said be4. i'd be margi luv the idea of pink hair or colet luv to be dead i can rellate to some of the caractors (sorry i cant spell :) luv the book hope 2 hear from u latr byby


Anonymous said...

hi dan this is reaper i want ot say your book generation dead got be stuck in the best place. thanks and p.s. i cant find your second book any where near me.=( thanks for creating a good book. i'm real jugey about what i read.but your good.

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to see this book adapted into a movie or possibly a TV series! It's great!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey daniel! I hate reading but I love your books! I'm about to finish passing strange and I was wondering if you were writing another one? I love the characters all so much!

Samantha said...

Hey Daniel,
I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely love your books. I read the first one because it looked interesting and I was hooked. I even got my best friend hooked on them as well. I flew through all three of your books and i'm really hoping there is more to come.

mittensmagoo said...

Sooo ummm, yay for waaaayyyyy late commenting, haha, but I just heard about your book two days ago, a friend on facebook put her status as "why are there no books about girls falling in love with zombies?" And a bunch of people were commenting like "Oh there is! It's called Generation Dead!" And my first reaction was "a girl falling for a zombie? Wtf? I gotta see what this is about." So I googled it and read a plot outline. After reading the outline I made my father take me to the bookstore (I'm only 15, so I can't drive yet) and I immediately bought the first two books, they didn't have Passing Strange in stock. I had read this blog on Google when I first searched for the book and now I had to come tell you how absolutely amazing your books are. I started reading them at 6:00 last night and only stopped for like an hour at 8 this morning because I was basically dead on my feet (Lol.. no pun intended..wait, okay maybe a little pun intended) and then I immediately started reading again. I couldn't put the books down and I don't think I've ever read a book that was so amazing. Reading is something I'm always doing because I love the new worlds you find and the new people you meet in books, but in 'Generation Dead' and 'Kiss of Life', I felt so connected to the characters, every other page I found myself wishing they were real and daydreaming about what it would be like if I were friends with them. I've never done that before while I was reading. You beat my entire list of favorite books within the first two chapters of 'Generation Dead'. I cannot wait to read 'Passing Strange and I can't wait to see what else you have in store for all of us who are addicted to your amazing series :) Oh! And also I see in a lot of comments on your blogs that people are saying how much they love Adam, so I gotta say I love Tommy a whole heck of a lot more than Adam lol Adam to me is kinda like "oh, whatever. He's cool." But Tommy just like "If he were real, I would sooooo date him, zombie or not." Lol I hope Phoebe ends up with Tommy, but I haven't read the third book yet so, I have no clue what happens next but I won't rest until I do! So once again, I have to tell you how absolutely amazing you are :)

<3 -- Jessie--

zigimad said...


I am still reading your 1st book but already can't wait for the second one, I think that one day it would make a great film, do you think you might try and make it a film one day? It could be the new thing, it once was vampires but now it could be living impaired/zombies/etc
You are a superb writer,