Monday, June 8, 2009

Supercool Art of the Day

This was sent to me by Trad Chik, and I love it! I think that she has captured essential elements of each character's personality, don't you?

Name that zombie! A week from today the judging will take place!


go with happiness said...

Eek! I love it! They resemble the descriptions on the characters almost perfectly!!!

MonstrousMerry said...


Olivia said...

That is just awesome! I totally agree. They have the best feel to them. Almost exactly like the real characters. Gosh, I just love it. They're too close to perfect, I think.

missmuffcake said...


Bianca Wilde said...

I <3 it!
Tommy's is so funny, though!
Love it forever! ;p

Sugar Loving Otaku said...


can we send in our own art if we want?

Daniel Waters said...

Hi Danielle!

Don't they? A work of genius, I say!

Take care,

Hi Merilyyy!


Take care,

Hi Olivia!

Yep! I love the Trick or Treat bag.

Take care,

Hi Kendy!


Take care,

Hi Bianca!

Yeah, I love how intense he looks!

Take care,

Hi lil-brown-eyed-girl!

I wish you would! Send 'em right to my email addy!

Take care,

WhittneyAnn said...

OMg i LUV iT!!! i think margies hair is totaly awesome!!! When is the book Kiss of Life comming out??? i need to know!!!


WhittneyAnn said...

I totaly LUV it!!!! i luv Margies hair!!! when is the kiss of life book comming out??? i need to know please!!!!


iLoveThatArchuletaBoy said...

This is almost exactly how id picture these characters. I totally love both of the books. And I was also surprised that one of the books characters name is the same as mine!

Anonymous said...

I love the one for Margie, I was trying to imagine what her pink hair would look like! Everyone looks...AWESOME!!

erin said...

im one of those dorky people who likes to make sims2 videos/movies/whatever in their spare time, which actually isnt much but still, and i was wondering if i could make a series based off the book? Well not based off the book, more like a movie? except i wont leave parts out.And i was wondering if i COULD do that. just getting permission, cuz i was raised that way(: lmfao
yeaahah, and im probably going to make the characters based off of these sculptier things, they're REALLY good.

Grey said...

I love Margie's hair, clothes and accessories! I would totally KILL for that outfit! But my friends don't want me to become a goth. I don't know why!?