Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Introducing...Puddin' Tater Jones

We received over 100 suggestions, but my kids have decreed that Puddin' Tater Jones is our zombies' name. Many thanks to thedarkone443 for the suggestion. Send me an email, thedarkone443, and I'll send you the UK edition of Generation Dead!

One of the suggestions was George, after the "old school" zombie introduced in Kiss of Life. We couldn't use George because the kids named this guy George years ago:

"Dad, we're going to ride our scooters!""Okay, put George out.""Dad, we're going to play basketball!""Okay, put George out." We live on a...heh-heh...dead end, and sometimes cars zip in and out at fearsome speeds, but the sight of that faithful protector, George, usually encourages folks to slow down.

I wonder if the sight of Puddin Tater Jones will encourage them to speed up?


MaliceInWonderland said...

Congrats to thedarkone443! You definitely submitted a very creative name. Enjoy your book. ^_^

Amber Lynne said...

I love the name ((:
I know wha you mean pple do samehere on our road.

go with happiness said...

Haha at George.

Lily Benan said...

Hey Dan!

Nice name thedarkone443! I love it! And the George thing is so funny haha!!!


Anna-Tommy-lover said...

Hi Dan!
Yeah, sounds interesting!
" "

Anonymous said...

I love it! It's great! I am laughing so hard right now. :D

Watching said...

Funny things come to mind...when I think of "Puddin' Tater Jones" ^^

Olivia said...

Awesome! It totally fits. ^_^

Later, Olivia

Sarah513 said...

Haha surely anyone passing Puddin' Tator Jones would slow down to get a better look. Maybe he could accompany George. :)

Delaney the Undead said...

hahahahahaha puddin tater jones! somehow i skipped past that one. Puddin taters sound like something my two year old would make with the different components of his dinner. I love it.

as for George...seriously, where did you get him? we live on a kind of sharp turn/ curve thing and something like that would be useful.

Yazzeh said...

Puddin' is awesome I gotta say =P

and also; MY iPOD LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am actually extremely happy about it to be fair ='D

WhittneyAnn said...

I like the name Puddn it is so cool. And when is the book Kiss of Life comming out??/

WhittneyAnn said...

When dose the next book come out????????????

Anonymous said...

I am out of my mind shocked!!!!!! I don't know where to find your email address though.... I just sent you a face book post I am new to the whole computer thing, so i may just be silly.....

anonymoose said...

Great name, it makes me think of chocolate pudding and Tater Tots.