Saturday, June 20, 2009

Phoebe's Playlist Part II

A few blogs ago I linked to my guest spot on, where I was able to write about some of the music that I listened to when I wrote Generation Dead, music that coincidentally would likely be on Phoebe's iPod. Pretty much everything in that column is uptempo, loud music. So what does Phoebe like to listen to when she's in a quiet, reflective mood? When she's pensive, thoughtful, or relaxing? (Phoebe, for the record, never "chillaxes", btw. Well, yes, she listens to that loud stuff when relaxing, but she also has moments that create a more soothing aural space. The three This Mortal Coil albums help create that space, especially the unbelievably good Filigree and Shadow, and there's an album called Space Age Freakout by Glide (Will Sergeant of Echo and the Bunnymen) that we quite like. During the editing of Kiss of Life I was introduced to a recording artist by the name of Joe Frawley, and he's recently released a CD with called Emperor of Daffodils with an ensemble that I (and thus, Phoebe) have fallen in love with.

Joe's solo work defies easy description, drawing from a number of genres and styles, usually incorporating "found sounds" to create amazing sound collages. This is music that takes you places; often to places you've likely never been.

Here's what Joe has to say about the inspiration for the album:

Artist's Statement
I came across this You Tube video- and apparently there are others like it- of a young woman doing her makeup, talking about which eyeshadows she likes, how she puts on lipstick, etc. And then people would comment back saying "you're so pretty", "that shade looks good on you". It occurred to me that a web cam functions something like a magic mirror to some people, as in: "Who's the fairest of them all?" And it wasn't just one video, she had dozens of them. A lot of the samples you hear on this project come directly from that source. This was the initial fascination, which then lead to further explorations of the idea, from slightly different angles, including the male perspective. I have always found it fascinating, for example, to watch a woman put on makeup. It's a whole world I know nothing about, and have no place in- the world of feminine beauty rituals. This is what lead to the idea of an Emperor of Daffodils (that is of narcissists- the flower in French, narcisse, is named after the mythic figure). I imagined it as a fantasy for a man to have dominion over an empire of self-loving beautiful women, a fantasy which could easily turn dark, as you can imagine. This CD has been the most strictly programmatic work I have made, and I found working within the limits of the concept to be creatively liberating. I am encouraged by the results of this recording and hope to do more collaborative work in the future. –JF

Definitely something Phoebe would want to check out. You can check it out and listen to excerpts of the music at Joe's site Eight bucks gets you the new limited edition CD--only fifty made! And I have one of them, so you might need to hurry!


Sugar Loving Otaku said...

That's so cool how he got the inspiration for the album from youtube!

goth1 said...

I think Joe's musical talent is far beyond anything else out there. I am more of a heavy-metal/grindcore/industrial person and I fell instantly in love with his music. Good choice! (Phoebe and Mr. Waters) Margi might be a Depeche Mode fan or Cruxshadows, or even an OTEP! Oh, well. Have a good day.

Anna-Tommy-lover said...

Hi Daniel!
Whoa!That is really cool.
I´ve heard his music.
I would like to know about Tommy´s Playlist.
By the way, I took the zombie quiz and I got Tommy!Yay!
You rock!
Take care!
" "

Anna-Tommy-lover said...

Oh!And by the way, I just added you on Facebook, I´m Ana De Regil. Please add me :D

phillip said...

Hey Daniel its Phil you know the "I am Legend" kid from the Whitman Library. Hey, I was just wondering if you could join my Generation Dead community. it would mean alot to me.

thanks -phil.

p.s. Zombie Power!

x x

phillip said...

P.S. the community site is:

Vanessa. said...

Heyy ,, theres gonna be another book after kiss of life, right?

probably a stupid question but i wanna ask anyway.


erin said...

this is kind of random but here goess:
okay so i got Kiss Of Life yesterday and started reading. So last night at aroundddd 1 am i started to get tired so i put on my ipod(while reading) and the last song i was listening to was Time Of Dying by Three Days Grace, and i was listening to the lyrics and they reminded me of Pheobe and Adam. So i was like haha cool.

"On the ground I lay
Motionless in pain
I can see my life flashing before my eyes
Did I fall asleep
Is this all a dream
Wake me up, I'm living a nightmare"
I was like ohh Its Adaaamm

"I will not die, I'll wait here for you
I feel alive, when you're beside me
I will not die, I'll wait here for you
In my time of dying"
Theen i was like ohhshitt this is getting freaky haha

Then two songs later Getting Away With Murder by Papa Roach came on. That reminded me of Pete lol.

i just wanted to share that(: