Saturday, May 30, 2009

Zombie Name Contest?

Thanks to all of you who have sent in entries! My kids are having a blast with this!

I have to tell you that I was very close to cancelling the contest in favor of naming the zombie Kanye. As in Kanye West. Mainly because of this delicious quote:

"Sometimes people write novels and they just be so wordy and so self-absorbed," West said. "I am not a fan of books. I would never want a book's autograph. I am a proud non-reader of books."

That just sounds like the comment of someone who is in search of braiiiinns. But I realized that I'd be doing a disservice to my new buddy if I named him Kanye, so hopefully one of you will provide a better name.

And hopefully, booksellers around the world will read Kanye's quote and recognize it for what it is, a call for illiteracy, a celebration of anti-intellectualism, and lose his books in the backroom.


Anonymous said...

LOL! I love it!

K. West needs brains!

Lily Benan said...


haha, I always loved Kanye, but he needs to read! ROTFLOL!


FroggieJ said...

I would like another push for Mortimer/Morty again. It is more perfect than Kanye... definately!

Amber Lynne said...

Kanye; his music is getting old fast and kkndof sucks if you ask me. I like all music rock more thanm any other but that song heartless. Urgh. Makes me wann punch in the face ><
Aha. He's dumb :0
hhaha ;DD

RealisElastic said...

send him zombies... ^_^ the zombies wouldnt eat him, he doesnt have brains.

Anna-Tommy-lover said...

Hi Dan!
Wow!He really needs brains!But he can´t buy them in Wal-Mart, so...He needs to read!:D
I´m still with I.L Beback for him, sounds nice.
I´m really enjoying Kiss of Life!
There is a part of the book that made me laugh at loud!Tommy said:

"With so many religious types of all denominations out there wanting to burn us like a stack of HARRY POTTER BOOKS..."
I felt so connected with that!I know it sounds crazy, but I am a Harry fan, a Generation Dead fan, and science fiction fan,and my school is Christian, so EVERYBODY wants to burn me like a witch, and I feel like a zombie, LOL.
Well, anyways, I´m really enjoying Kiss of Life, ir couldn´t be better, you rock!

Take care!

" "

brianna said...



Watching said...

That thing is crazy, I think any name is befitting^^

MaliceInWonderland said...

In my recent Public Speaking class in college, we had watched a video of Kanye speaking as an example of the worst possible things to do during a speech. This lives up to that quite well!

By the way, during a hurricane Katrina Red Cross program, he started saying that George Bush hates black people. Honestly, it's quoted. Google it for entertainment of how ridiculous it gets.

Having said that, I'm going to submit Kanye's homestate as a visit on the other blog.

And also, thanks to vampire_froggy for pushing my suggestion!

MaliceInWonderland said...
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pearlynmarie said...

That is probably the most hilarious quote I have ever read. I think you should mane the zombie Henry. Thats a very Human name, and the zombie was obviously a human at one point... So... Henry!

go with happiness said...

Perfect name, in my opinion. Especially after what P!nk said. She was sitting near K.West at a fashion show and he repeatedly said things like, "This show needs more fur!" and "They needed more fur" and what not. After reading this, I was disgusted.

Jessie said...

Please tell me that this isn't true??? I got a twitter that said Dan died last night during a book reading at the Cornerstone Bookstore in Salem, Massachusetts!???

This is a joke, right? Salem - witchcraft... right?

Daniel Waters said...

Hi Jessie,

It isn't true. If it is a joke, it is one in poor taste.

Take care,

Sarah said...

Hmm, I read that comment too, and thought how ignorant it was. Oh well, its his loss eh! ;)
Always thought he's a bit of a numpty anyway hehe.

Anonymous said...

Ah-hahahahahaha...You rock, Mr. Waters.

Anonymous said...

Daniel, Kanye West infuriates me to the point where I'd like to punch a wall. -_-

This is what us teens have as a role model, a person to look up to? He is no role model of mine. I would never look up to someone who acts so ignorantly and obviously has very little intelligence.

Although I will abstain from bashing his music because I hold my opinion and my opinion alone, you may feel differently. I just feel I must add that saying the word ‘amazing’ in a song as many times as you can fit it in does not make the song any better.


p.s. Just about finished with Kiss of life. Very good read! Trust me, I'm a VERY picky reader. It was definitely worth the wait though. Hoping very profusely that there will be a third book in the future. Also hoping you'll decide to come down to California so that I can have my books signed. :)

Daniel Waters said...

Hi Insert Book Title!

K.West needs to quest for braaiiiins.

Take care,

Hi Lily!

I've never really listened to his music before--and now I'm somewhat less than interested.

Hi Vampire Froggie!

Great name! Yours, and your suggestion!

Take care,

Hi XxamberxX,

I'm with you, although I'll stop short of the punching. I might sneer, though. I'm really good at sneering.

Take care,

Hi RealisElastic!


Take care,

Hi Anna-Tommy-Lover!

Please don't let anyone burn you!

Take care,

Hi Brianna!

I like that one, too.

Take care,

Hi Watching!

True, true.

Take care,

Hi MaliceinWonderland!

I am familiar with Kanye's hurricane comments; interesting about the "what not to do" during a speech.

Take care,

Hi Pearlynmarie!

thanks for your entry!

Take care,

Hi Danielle!

Yeah, a pretty enlightened view he has on many topics, it seems.

Take care,

Hi Jessie!

I'm still alive!

Take care,

Hi Sarah!

Yeah, me too!

(What's a numpty?)

Take care,

Hi Anonymous!

Thanks! I aspire to rock!

Take care,

Hi Anonymous!

Thank you! But please don't hurt yourself with the wall-punching!

Take care,

Shayleeray said...

Pete! Let's name him Pete!:)

Mel H said...

I think the zombie's name should be Jonathan, after my brother XD
Or maybe Aidan...think it's a cool name for a zombie. Don't ask why.
Love the books with a passion! Are you writing another?
I am a big fan from England :P
I think you should come here for a book signing or something xxx

Brianna said...

I like morgead.
and if it I MEAN he was a she i would name her JeZiBell just because it is a cool name.