Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Please Release Me

Kiss of Life came out today, in fine stores everywhere. At least I hope it did--I haven't visited any fine stores today because I flew to Chicago. I did have a fine deep dish pizza, though. I wrote for awhile at the airport and on the plane and listed to the new Bell Rays CD which is quite good. I've got a great hotel room, and earlier I was watching some guys play Bocce on the lawn under my window. I was never a big fan of Bocce, I'll take a Frisbee any day. Or Jarts. Does anyone remember Jarts? I think they are illegal now. Basically Jarts were lawn darts, these foot long fleched missiles with sharp tungsten tips that were designed to bore through concrete. The idea was that you'd lob the Jart in the air and try to land it in this yellow hoop which was maybe a foot in diameter, but usually you killed your dog or your kid brother instead. I think in 1979 alone there were 62,342 human and 179,331 canine Jart related deaths. And those were just the accidents.

Tomorrow I get to speak at two schools and then talk and hopefully "move some product" (e.g. sell books) at Anderson's Bookshop. Then--and here's the fun part--I get to wake up at 3:30 a.m. to catch my flight to Houston the next day so I can speak at another school. The zombie author might actually be a zombie author after getting up at 3:30 a.m. I'm not known as an early riser.

But that's why the good Lord encouraged man to invent coffee. And Texas Toast. What would a trip to Houston be without Texas Toast?

Zombie or not, I intend to have big, Texas-sized fun. And Texas Toast.


Anna-Tommy-lover said...

Hello Dan!
Today Kiss of life!
Today it was really sad, I woke up in the morning and I was almost crying because getting Kiss of Life would be really difficult...
But...In the afternoon...Guess What???
I opened my e-mail and I saw an IB Library Teen Blog message!
Yes Dan!
They´re sending me Kiss of Life!
I was so happy I sceamed all over the house and I woke up my brother(he was sleeping, like always)Haha!
Her name is Perla Flores, and she told me I didn´t won, but she knew what it´s like to be dying for a book and she can´t get, so she said she was going to send me one!
I don´t know when will it came here(the book)but I´ll have it, and she said she would send it as soon as possible.
Happiest girl on eart!
And a girl of the Haunted house asked me to tell her a few questions I wanted to know about you, because she is going to intervew in Texas.
If you see any strange or some international thing question,it´s me n_n

Hope you have BIG FUN tomorrow!
I wish I could be there.


" "

Anna-Tommy-lover said...

P.S:I hope you can post a lot of photos!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your novel releasing!

ReaderGirl said...

supposedly" it comes out to day... I have yet to see evidence of that! XP I went to one store and called another and they hadn't put them out or gotten them yet or someething. O_o So I have to wait till tomarrow now! *grr* But I seriously can't wait! *girlysqueal* Happy release day!!!

~ Readergirl

Raschel said...

Lol the things you have to do in Texas:

Okay..texas toast isn't that big of a deal...but you have to drive OVERLY fast on a curve when you're driving. You have to get a pair of boots, ((You'll be seeing me in boots and a buckle...)) even though not everyone wears them, they are awesome! But hey, if you don't get boots you'll have to get a cowboy hat or buckle. You'll have to at least attempt to say yall...and no, its not like they do in movies and whatnot...they over exaggerate how Texans are on those things.
I know I'll have my camera handy for pictures, hopefully you will to ^_^ I wish I had the time and money to change my hair back to black and pink again, it wasn't supposed to change again but the black faded back into my natural color and the pink washes out quickly so I now have brown (with a slight red tint) and white hair. Yes, white, in order for the pink to stay well and show correctly you have to bleach it white.
When I see you, you shouldn't need any coffee, its later on at night so yeah. I'll be leaving out of Corpus around 430pm and that should land me there around 8ish will you still be at Willow?


Sarah said...

Aw Dan thats wonderful! I havent got the patience to wait for our UK release, so I'm ordering a copy online to be shipped!
I'm glad you're having a good time on tour, its nice to also see the culinary delights you've been sampling along the way ;)
Have fun at the talks, you'll be great.

Lily Benan said...

I got Kiss of Life... and lovin' it!


Anonymous said...

we don't have it here yet in the Los Angeles - Long Beach area! ;( not even @ the Borders I work for!! - and what sucks, I can't order it for the store either.. like I used to be able to.

I even went to some B&N's lookin.. and it was a no go.

also - on the Borders website when you type in the the title it comes up.. but with the Generation Dead cover.

Amy O'Neil said...

Came home today to Kiss of Life sitting on my doorstep!!!!!Squee!!! Can't wait to crack that baby open!!!

Amy O'Neil

Amy said...

I'm glad to know I wasn't the ONLY one having trouble getting a copy. I called Monday night to reserve a copy at Barnes and Noble and then when I went to the store, they said it hadn't arrived. To cut the rest of the LONG story short, the girl from B&N that I spoke to Tuesday night said none of the Barnes and Noble in the area are carrying them yet. What is up with that?! I got my copy yesterday at a smaller bookstore. :-)

Unknown said...

I am sad to say that I never had the priviledge of playing with jarts (Nor have I had the priviledge of accidentally killing someone with them either).

I have not had a chance to check my local bookstores for your book... hopefully this weekend!

Are you planning to head to Portland, OR anytime soon?

Lita138 said...

Totally bummed! Called a few stores in my area yesterday and no one had it! :( I did indeed order from amazon .com and did the special 2 day shipping so I should have it tomorrow! Also bought the paper back GD for a friend for her b-day and an additional copy of KOL for a friend for her bday since I let her barrow GD she wanted KOL! Can't wait to start reading!

Daniel Waters said...

Hi Anna-Tommy-Lover!

Congrats! That is awesome! Perla runs a beautiful blog, doesn't she?

Take care,

Hi Insertbooktitle!

Why, thank you!

Take care,

Hi Readergirl!

I haven't seen it too many places, either. Must be sold out! ;)

Take care,

Hi Raschel!

Yay! We met!

Take care,

Hi Amy!

Sigh. Maybe soon it will be ubiquitous?

Take care,

Hi Sarah!

That will be a well-traveled book! Thanks!

Take care,

Hi Lily Benan!

Thanks for your business!

Take care,

Hi Bexx B!

Thanks for the intel--a few of my friends emailed me the message that Borders sent them on the new release--it too had the wrong art. grr!

Take care,

Hi Amy!

Squeee, indeed! Thanks for your support!

Take care,

Hi Michael!

I would love to come to Portland--nothing on the horizon yet. Maybe when I can see the Blazers play...

Take care,

Hi Lita138!

Thanks for your business! Someday, KOL will arrive in stores! Arg!

Take care,

HalloweenGrl said...

Hey Dan! I have been searching for your book everywhere! I unfortunately havent found it yet. I checked Target, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, and Waldens but it is nowhere to be seen. I need some help!

A huge fan,

Michelle said...

Is there an Australian release date??

Brianna said...

Hey Dan!

I wanna get kiss of life so badly it is eating me alive. At the Otis library will you have it for me to buy possibly? just checking if i sound stupid lol just dont reply but i was just wondering

my Blog :FlightlessBirdie

Anonymous said...

ya this is me commenting this like a few weeks after it was posted but watevs. im almost done reading it and i love it....i was wondering if there will be anymore books in this series, u no?? cuz the first book was AH-MAZING to tell the truth and the 2nd 1 is really good so far....u can name the 3rd book like the feel of love or something. i dont know just a thought.

dan post boots said...

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