Monday, May 11, 2009

A Different Kind of Tour

I'm feeling a little ragged today, as I was up way past my bedtime last night at a concert--76% Uncertain, Electric Frankenstein, the Bell Rays, and the Damned. I've written before of my love of the Damned, and once again they did not disappoint. I was at the front of the stage, right between Captain Sensible's monitor and Dave Vanian's mic stand, and I was instructed by the roadie to help the good Captain with the song titles on the setlist because "he's blind as a bat". The show went out over the inter-waves yesterday via streaming video, so I'm interested to see if they archive it. They played many of the best cuts off the new album, as well as a few older favorites like "Blackout", "Love Song," and "A Brand New Day".

And the Bell Rays! Holy crow, the Bell Rays. Absolutely phenomenal.

Speaking of tours, mine begins in just a few days. In addition to a few school visits, I'll be at

Anderson's Bookshop in Naperville, IL at 7:00, May 13


Blue Willow Bookshop in Houston, TX at 4:30, May 14

Hope to see you there!


Anna-Tommy-lover said...

Hi Dan!
I´m glad you had a great time there!
I´ve never heard about that bands, but I´m going to hear Electric Frankenstein and Damned just because I like the names, totally cool.
Have fun in Naperville!
Good Luck!

Take care!

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Marie said...

I'm going to see the Damned when they play NYC on the 15th! Wooo!
The Black Album is my fav.

Lita138 said...

Hella lucky! Sounds like you had a blast!!! KOL out today right?

Raschel said...

Hey! Thats awesome, glad you had fun while you were there. You think you could do me a GINORMOUS favor? If you could, I'm still gathering questions for our interview on Thur. You think you could make a post about the interview and tell your fans that if they have any questions for you to go to my blog and post the question in a comment on the Prep for Daniel Waters Interview blog so I can gather more? Thanks so much for letting me interview you! Its a real honor.