Saturday, May 16, 2009


I LOVED Houston! Thanks again to Blue Willow Bookshop for sponsoring me, and to Hastings School for having me.

In not particular order, a few of my favorite things about the day I spent there--

1. The kids--the kids at Hastings had all read the book, and asked some of the best questions on the books and on writing that I've had yet!
2. Meeting Danielle, and Danielle, and Danielle's Dad. Danielle writes a great book blog called The Book Blogger and you can check it out HERE. Yay, Danielles!
3. Meeting Facebook friend Amy. Hi, Amy!
4. Coming off the plane and seeing a sporting goods store named after Clyde Drexler. Clyde the Glide is my all-time favorite basketball player.
5. Along those lines, watching Houston beat the Lakers when in Houston was pretty cool, too.
6. Meeting Raschel! Raschel is the administrator of the Generation Dead message board over at THE VIRTUAL HAUNTED HOUSE, and I did my first video interview with her while at Blue Willow! Thank you thank you Raschel!
7. I had dinner at the Galleria, which is this block-long megamall near the hotel I stayed at. I ate at a Mexican cafe overlooking the ice rink--yes, the ice rink--where people were skating, including an adorable six year old girl who did a show. Mmm, cilantro. I do love the cilantro.
8. Lisa the Hastings librarians' pralines!

Note: I did have toast in Texas, although I don't believe it was Texas toast.


Blindfolded miles said...

Haha, that sounds awesome, that's good you had fun... Hm..I'm a new follower, I love Generation Dead..haven't read Kiss of Life yet..looking foward to it!

go with happiness said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun in Houston! I'm glad you did.

(Haha...Danielle, Danielle, and Danielle's Dad)

Danielle :D

Lily Benan said...

sounds fun!


lea said...

Game 6 was awesome!

Ash said...

It sounds like you had a great time! Could you tell me when kiss of life will be available in the UK please because i am dying to read it!

David Jack Bell said...

Hey Dan,

No Necon or WFC this year. I'm doing Hypericon in June. WFC in 2010 maybe since it's pretty close. Hopefully Necon next summer. I need to get there.


Raschel said...

It was great to meet you too! I should have the video posted up soon. The only thing holding me back is getting the fire wire to hook up that kind of camera to the computer then downloading it. I need a newer camera lol.


Amy said...

"But you had toast in Texas... just not Texas toast!"

Daniel Waters said...

Hi Booksaboutbridgette!

Thanks! Hope you like it!

Take care,

Hi Danielle!

I did, thanks in you!

Take care,

Hi Lily Benan!

It was!

Take care,

Hi Lea!

It was! The last two games (Lakers/Magic) were considerably less so.

Take care,

Hi Jesse!

Should be available in July!

Take care,

Hey David!

That's too bad--I would have liked to catch up with you. But yeah, you need to go to NeCon.

Take care,

Hi Raschel!

New equipment is always good. Thanks again for everything!

Take care,

Hi Amy!

I wonder if they will let me make Texas Toast in Connecticut?

Take care,