Sunday, April 20, 2008

Whys Up

Of the many cool people I met at the Groton Library event, one was L., who has a fantastic blog called Jacket Whys you should check out here. Jacket Whys is a blog about children's and YA book design, and it quickly became one of my favorite book blogs out there, with insightful commentary on the intersections of art, commerce and literature. L. is a librarian (not at Groton) and a former graphic designer, and L. has a great eye for design and trends in book packaging. And L. is a very witty writer, too. And I keep calling L. L. because L. only refers to L. as L. on L.'s blog, which is different than me calling E. Lockhart E. because you could figure out what E.'s full name if you hunted around E.'s site--which is worth doing, BTW.

So check Jacket Whys out, because it is both informative and entertaining and that makes it infotaining. I guarantee you won't look at books the same way again.

Slydellco. would hire L. in an instant...

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totall stranger said...

talking of slydellco i want pro zombie tshirts and some lady Z if there aren't any "slydelco" pro zombie products out there i think ther should be!!!