Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Final Countdown

Two weeks from today, Generation Dead will finally be out. Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait (wags tail).

In case you are having trouble recovering from that disturbing image, here's a much more attractive one in our newest bloggy feature: DAN'S ALBUM OF THE WEEK, in which I will take time to discuss one of the many, many (many) albums from my collection, focusing on those that warped or enhanced my mind in some way. First up,

PHANTASMAGORIA, by The Damned 1985

The Damned were mostly a punk band, the first in England to release a record, the "New Rose" single, but this album is pretty Goth. The singer Dave Vanian dressed like a vampire long before the Goth was a real movement, right down to the white make up. He's a great singer and a good guy, good enough to pose for a picture with me at one of their shows (I'll post it if anyone cares).

Most of the songs on Phantasmagoria are about dreams or love or love and dreams, except for Grimly Fiendish which is about being Grimly Fiendish. I bought it when it was first released in 1985 because I liked the cover and because I liked a lot of the earlier Damned songs. I was lucky enough to buy the Canadian import of the album, which had a great song, "Eloise", as a bonus track. I listened to this album about as much as any other when I was in high school, which meant I listened to it an awful lot. I like all of the songs, but the first two, "Street of Dreams" and "Shadow of Love" really get me. The album is both spooky and romantic, which to me is the essence of Goth music. Hearing it puts me in an introspective mood, and also makes me want to reach for paper and pen.

And yes, the model on the cover was in my mind when I started writing about Phoebe, except I picture Phoebe with longer hair. I also can picture Phoebe smiling, which I can't really picture the Phantasmagoria girl doing.

By the way, does anyone who wasn't around in 1985 ever use the term "album" to describe a music release anymore?

In closing--please go visit Tommy. He's getting very lonely over at mysocalledundeath.com. and really is interested in what synonyms you might have for "zombie".

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