Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Nervous Shakedown

13 days until Generation Dead hits the shelves...

I'm filled with nervous energy, I'm practically brimming with it. My cup overfloweth with nervous energy. I worked on edits for the second book in my contract with Hyperion, I worked on an outline for a new book. Rather than calm me down, these activities filled me with even more nervous energy because they were so much fun. So I took a long walk. I read a comic book. I cooked dinner (chicken cacciatore). I'm flipping out and jittery again and the whole cutting back on the coffee thing isn't working out so well..

As if that isn't bad enough, I turned on my XBOX today and I have the Red Ring of Doom. Aaaaagh! I will not be burning off any excess energy with Marvel Alliance tonight!

So here's another album from the collection. Actually this one is a CD, I don't think it ever got released on vinyl. I know I said I'd do this once a week but I need to distract myself so here ya go.

RAISE YOUR SPIRITS, The Rosedales 2003

I name-check a whole bunch of bands in Generation Dead, and I also made up a bunch of the bands. The Rosedales are NOT made up. What they are is one of the most criminally overlooked bands in the country. If there was ever a GD movie and I could pick the soundtrack, you get bet there would be a Rosedales song on there. Their horror rock via '50s rock vibe was a great soundtrack while writing Generation Dead, one that I think would translate well to the big screen. Every song on Raise Your Spirits great, but "It's Midnight" and "Frozen Ghost", two songs about haunted lovers, are sublime. You can check out a video of "It's Midnight" by poking around their websitehere, where you can see four zombie dudes playing their instruments in a brightly-lit funeral home. Cool!.

Their website makes mention of a new release "April-ish" Well, it's April-ish, for goodness sake! What's the story, morning glory? I'm looking forward to that release almost as much as I am the release of Generation Dead.

Just great. Now I'm all fired up and jittery again.

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Anonymous said...

the fun thing here is that knowing you means I can 'hear' you say this stuff - but the truth is that I didn't see this side of you a lot, so it's new even if you're..umm..old. Which you're not, but you know what I mean.

Daniel Waters said...

Ah, yes, anonymous--I know exactly what you mean. It is amazing how you can think you really know someone, know them well, and then you discover they have a totally different side to them. When I think of all the times we used to share together, anonymous, and how I always felt you were holding back your "true" self, well, sometimes I weep for all the lost time.

Hey, waitaminute--you are that anonymous, aren't you???

Whoever you are, thanks for posting!

Take care,

Anonymous said...

I can't remember my google password, but I'm me, and I'll give you a hint: we can make David crazy on Wednesday.