Thursday, April 10, 2008 "Live"

I just wanted to let everyone--zombie and beating heart alike--know that Tommy Williams has started posting his blog over at You can check it out by clicking the link in the Linkage section or by clicking here.

I always enjoy my time with Tommy, and it seems he certainly has a lot he wants to say. He just loves it when I make stupid jokes like the one in the title of this blog.

Stop in and say "hi" to let him know you are down with supporting the undead in their endeavors to rejoin our woefully unprepared society.


Anonymous said...

Hi - I just learned about your book, GENERATION DEAD, and must say that I am so unbelievably excited to read it! Keep up the good work--it's right up my undead alley. ;)

(for some reason Blogger won't let me log in...)

-Heather Brewer, author of The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod

Daniel Waters said...

Hi Heather,

Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the kind words--and good luck with the new book, out in a mere THREE DAYS!

Take care,


PS to everyone else: Do yourselves a favor and check out Heather's beautiful website and books!

Anonymous said...

Generation Dead is one the best books I've read in while.

I recently got a hold of the book when my mother, also an author, was talking to her her agent (something like that) about a musical called "Zombie Prom" which is about dead high schoolers coming back after dying. They said "OMG let's give you this book!" and now we have it.

I didn't think much of it when I first started reading it, but as Tommy and Phoebe started to talk and interact with each other, it got really interesting. The characters are amazing and funny, and the whole plot of the book is very mind catching, if that's a phrase. The blog idea was very brilliant, and I enjoy reading Tommy's posts on the living and non-living world

I'm going to finish it soon-I wonder what happens next?

Daniel Waters said...

Hi Beatrix! I love your Peter Rabbit stories!

I'm sorry, I'm sure you get that a lot. If it is any consolation, just the other day someone thought I was the Daniel Waters who wrote Heathers. Thanks a lot, Dad!

But seriously, thank you so much for your post. You are an author's kid, which automatically makes you brilliant, so I'm thrilled that you are enjoying the book. And if "mind catching" isn't a phrase, it should be. I thank you, and Tommy thanks you.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Hey! I just loved your book. It was just incredible. My friends weren't happy with the ending, though, but I was. Im still asking myself questions about the book. are you going to write a second one? That would be so awsome. I think you are extremely talented and i hope to be a writer one day myself!

ps- call me slow, but I still don't get why Pete thinks Pheobe is Julie.explain pleas?!

Anonymous said...

Your book is utterly amazing!
But I really want to know that happens to adam and phoebe after he came back!
its killin me!

Unknown said...

i love your book i am reading it right now

Unknown said...

please help me understand if margi likes adam or if pheobe likes him does tommy have feelings for pheobe

Anonymous said...

hay buddy is tommy real???

SexyPregnantZombie91 said...

I just read the second book of the series Generation Dead, Kiss of Life, to my oldest daughter. She's five. We love zombie books and spending time together.
The book was appsolutly amazing. I never read a book the was as good as that.
There is a question I would like to ask you Daniel and another author how did you get your book(s) published?
I have three books for each one of my children and I'm working on my forth and fifth book at the sametime since I am having my forth and fifth children in three months. I'd really like to be published and I just don't know how to so it!? Please help me if you can!
Thanks!! :) :) :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

hey :) i just wanted to say that your books are amazing and you, along with some other authors, have inspired me to try and write my own books. they are currently going pretty well (i just have a tiny case of writers block) but thank you so much for creating and sharing some really insprirng books. :)
-a fan for life. . .well unlife i guess, Melissa ^-^

Anonymous said...

Hey, I read KISS OF LIFE and it rocked my undead world. But it would be better if Pheebes kissed Adam and he turned alive again. Such a letdown.

kcbainislife said...

I had heard some time ago this series was supposed to be put into a movie which if done right would be a great show or series too. Anyways keep up the great writing this series is one of my favorites better than twilight.