Sunday, April 11, 2010

unRequired Reading Tour

I'm hitting the road this June in support of GDIII:Passing Strange as part of Hyperion's unRequired Reading Tour along with Kristen Tracy, Brent Crawford Stacey Klemstein, Emily Franklin, Brendan Halpin, and Liz Rudnick. Dates and locations to follow, but you can become a fan of the unRequired Reading Facebook page HERE and I promise we'll get some neat-o keen content up real soon.


sandi said...

Woohoo! cant wait to read it.

Maybe TN will be one of the stops. :)

Watching said...

Yeah *kneels with depression* really need to get a facebook.

Sounds fun though ^^ Hopefully a "location" will be nearby :D That would make my day! No! That would make my life! :P