Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kiss Me Once, Kiss Me Twice, Come on Pretty Baby

I'll have a story called Many Happy Returns in the above anthology, which is stacked with some of the best writers working in YA today. I'm thrilled to have my work appear alongside theirs, especially as this is only my second anthology appearance, ever. Kiss Me Deadly will be out this July.

Many Happy Returns, btw, is a Generation Dead story. You won't see Phoebe or Adam or Margi or any of the gang from the novels, but you will have the opportunity to return to their differently biotic world. And I sincerely hope that you do! It gets lonely there, sometimes!

PS: Is that an awesome cover, or what?


Watching said...

P.S. it is quite awesome ^.^

That's so exciting! I'll have to pre order it on Barnes and Noble! Kyaaa <----(scream of excitement)

Kelly said...

cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bianca Wilde said...

Oh my goodness! Many congratulations <3 I can't wait to read your story!

Anonymous said...

Hi Daniel, I can't wait for KMOKMTCOB and all the new characters, but I was wondering if you'll ever bring Pheebs and Adam as main characters? I love that couple, please say that you will:)