Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Making of a Book Cover

I've been very fortunate in that I've worked with absolutely brilliant people on my books. Two of those brilliant people are the photographer and the designer of thebook covers, Ali Smith and Elizabeth H. Clark, respectively.

Would you like to see a brief video on the making of the Kiss of Life and Passing Strange book covers? Of course you would! Who wouldn't? Go to the March 31 entry on Ali's blog HERE. And stay tuned, because I am hoping to get Ali to do a guest blog here at some point.

You'll notice, upon watching the video, that everyone at the shoot is gorgeous. Everyone. Models, artists, editors; all are drop-dead (har har!) gorgeous.

This may be why I have never been invited to one of the photo shoots.

I think that the fear--the altogether justifiable fear--is that I might possibly scoop one of the participants up, sling them across over my broad and hairy back, and then scamper Quasimodo-like out the window to shimmy up the side of the building. Once I reached the relative safety of the rooftop ledge where my gargoyle brethren await, I'd do nothing more harmful to my shrieking captive than read tender love sonnets and stare mournfully first at them, and then at the setting sun, with my one lazy puppy-dog eye.


Go watch the video!


Paris said...

I would love to do something like that! Although, I think film suits me better than photography ;)

Watching said...

It was really funny/strange, because when I was watching the video I assumed that because everything was in a black and whtite shade then the photos shown in there would be as well, but when they flashed and were looked really nice ^^

*rolls eyes at your theory of why you've never been to a photo shoot.*

sandi said...

sweet! That was really cool.
BTW I cannot wait to get my grubby hands on Passing Strange
#Team Karen!

second chances said...

omg i just read a thingon passing strange like the back and i am shocked and soooooo exited when does it come out in england ??

Daniel Waters said...

Hi Paris!

Film is cool...

Take care,

Hi Watching!

I think those are called "eye pops" in the business. But I could be wrong.

Take care,

Hi Sandi!

Team Karen, I love it.

Take care,

Hi second chances!

I believe mid-July for the UK ed.

Take care,

Lauren R. said...

hi! well I'm new to the blog and I have to say I LOVE IT! Generation Dead is one of my favorite books! okay so I was wondering if you had any idea where they got the boots for the Generation Dead cover and where I could get a pair! I'm in love with them!! Thanks!!!