Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Although my dream of traveling to Spain so I can have a starring role in Vicky Christina Barcelona 2 will most likely never happen, at least I can I can travel to Spain in spirit when Generacion Dead is released there. I think the release date is tomorrow; I was very, very tempted to hop a flight to Spain tomorrow to go poke around the bookstores to make sure they are well-stocked.

Don't know when this will come out, but I love the title:

Also, for those of you who can read Spanish, the bi-lingual, and/or the bi-lingual-curious, check out this nifty website:


which, I think, is "Supposedly Dead". The website features, among other cool things like banners and avatars, yer pal and mine Tommy writing some blogs in Spanish (not his native tongue). I love it when my characters are far more intelligent than I am!


Anna-Tommy-lover said...

Hello Daniel!
Today´s the big day!
I don´t know if ut´s going to come to Mexico today, or another day, but it´s a big achievement!This is going to be a Best-Seller!:D I loved the page!I wish I could see you at least on t.v, but if you go, tell me, because I think I have some spanish channels. You can come to Mexico too!That´s nearer, I´m sure that everyone is going to love your series!Because it´s a really interesting story with good elements (if that´s right telled-) and characters!
Wish I could find Generation Dead in spanish this month, I´m going to investigate :D

Good luck!

Unknown said...

Hey Daniel
Ever gonna make a movie?
I WOULD ABSOLUTLY DIE!... then come back to see it
just saying i'd be FRIKIN AWSOME

traditionally differently biotic said...

Hello. My name is Samantha and i live in a small little place in Alabama. Ive been trying so hard to find Kiss of Life but it seems it dont exsist here in Alabama. I need some help. I cant just give up and never finish my reading. Ive gotten addicted to the story and I have to read the Kiss of Life and what other stories you have out. Please help me out. I feel like Ive only heard half of the story and i need to hear the rest. Please Please help me.

Thank You,

Lulu D. Summers said...




Lulu D. Summers said...

Will there be a third book to Generation Dead and Kiss of Life?
because it just got cut off SOO abruptly in Kiss of Life. =[

I miss Tommy Williams!! bring him back for me.

and what are some good horror punk bands? any good recc's?

second chances said...

heyy daniel you are awsoume i love your books !! do you think you will ever make a film ??
you havnt been on mysocalledundeath in a while why is that ?


Val said...

Congratulations! Spain is awesome... maybe you could go when Passing Strange comes out! That Sepuestamente Dead page was pretty cool. Who knew your characters were bilingual?

Anyway, I'm a huge fan. :) I can't wait for the next book to come out!

Tommy and Karen lover said...

Hi Daniel! I'm Patricia from Spain, and I've just finished to read your third book of Generation Dead: Passing Strange. I have a question for you: Will you write a fourth book of Generation Dead? ... I'd love to... congratulations for your books, they are really good.

Hebe said...

Hello Daniel Waters.I'm A fan of your books. I live in Alicante, a city in Spain. I wanted to tell you I love your libros.Gracias for writing.

Hebe said...

Why certain you know if you come to Spain? I wish I could see him in person.

Silent Words said...

Hello¡¡ It's a bit strange because I'm Spanish jaja...
I read all your books and I loved them¡¡Your books are awesomes¡¡
I have a question for you, Are you thinking of write a forth book?
I love Passing Stranges(Extrañas Apariencias in Spain) and I don't like saying goodbye to your characters. It' very sad¡¡
Best wishes from Spain¡¡
By Myra