Monday, March 8, 2010

Cerebros Insípidos

Dorimar from the wonderful Mientras Lees book blog was kind enough to interview me recently in anticipation of the release of Generacion Dead (for some reason, it will not be Generacion Muerta, probably because it would be really hard to untangle the script-y "Dead" and redo it as "Muerta"). Dorimar translated the interview and it appears in both Spanish and English for your viewing pleasure. The title of the blog above is one of the translated phrases in the interview, and I'm thinking of adopting it as my personal motto. What do you think?

You can view all of Dorimar's hard work HERE.

BTW, I last week I heard that the rights to the first three Generation Dead books sold in yet another country where I don't speak the language. I started a contest on my Facebook page (friend me HERE I'm so lonely!) where I offered a free copy of the U.K. edition of Kiss of Life to the first person who guessed correctly which country it was...after about forty tries, there's still no winner, so I thought I'd open up the contest here. Free copy, U.K. Kiss of Life! That lovely purple lily! Leave me a comment with your guess!


Anonymous said...


Grey said...


Grey said...

No,no,no,no I got it! Japan!

Paris said...

Um.. let's see
Any of 'em right?


Jessy said...

I'm going to say India

Grey said...

The Pillipeans(sp?)

Watching said...

Ah TT__TT I wish I had a facebook, then I would friend you, actually...I should get one soon! >.<

Speaking of Muerta in the car we were trying to find a radio station that worked, and then along came this one Mexican hip hop station, but I couldn't tell if it was in another language or not...because often enough, it's hard to understand the lyrics to hip hop. Then! I heard the word Muerta and knew it wasn't english, and from this post...I realized it means dead :D

Yeah, that would be so cool if it was in Japanese, I would buy it.

Hmmmm....maybe German ? D:

Erin said...

Brazil , Haiti , Germany , Holland , Greece , Italy , Egypt , Korea , Thailand , Romania , Yemen. Thats all i can think of that dont speak english !!