Sunday, March 30, 2008

Words Are Flowing

My father didn't have a huge record collection, but what he had was all top shelf stuff. He had a few Ventures albums, the Dave Clark Five's Greatest Hits, and for fun, most of the early Bill Cosby records. He also had the complete American Beatles catalogue, as well as a number of Beatles related imports and such. I spent many, many hours as a little kid sitting on the floor with the headphones on, listening to The White Album or Yesterday and Today and reading comic books. Dad gave me his turntable and all his records a number of years ago and they are on the shelf above me as I type.

I received A Hard Day's Night from Netflix the other day and watched it with Cormac while his sister was at dance class. When I was putting him to bed he asked me if I'd make him a CD of Beatles music. He's been listening to it every night before bed since I gave it to him.

His favorite song right now is "If I Fell", and he can tell which Beatle is singing which part on most of the songs already.

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