Saturday, March 1, 2008

Shortest Month, My Eternal Enemy

Yes, I did stay up late just to wave a mocking goodbye at the unnaturally long shortest month (although I almost always stay up this late, and it is snowing out and I like to watch snow fall when I am inside my house). The shortest month did make one last attempt to maim me, however. Not two minutes before midnight, I yawned and rubbed at eyes--proceeding to tip my contact lens up under my eyelid, far enough so that I couldn't blink it out. Yuck. It was most definitely Not Cool. I got it out, though, and am wearing my glasses now.

Goodbye, Feb. '08.

I'm really looking forward to a spectacular March. Hyperion is running a print ad--yes, a print ad--for Generation Dead in a magazine that is seen by three million potential book buyers each issue!

Any guesses which one? All will be revealed in time!

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