Monday, October 8, 2012

Spooky, Spooky Reading

I've always been an obsessive reader, one who observed certain self-imposed rituals that are either a guard against insanity or proof of its existence.  As long as I've been reading, I've made the month of October Spooky Reading Month, and I plan for Spooky Reading Month with an administrative discipline not found in other aspects of my life (like, say, career and family).  The most important aspect of Spooky Reading Month is the Amassing of Spooky Reads, where, months in advance, I'll begin acquiring scary books to read.  Doesn't matter if I buy the book in January, and it looks like the greatest scary book ever written, I'll hold off on reading it until October.  This helps heighten both the anticipation and the tension, and so by the time I finally open the book to read there's already a nervous thrill in my chest that I'm certain augments the feelings of suspense I have while reading.  I can remember October's past where I would overdose on certain authors; Stephen King, H.P. Lovecraft, Shirley Jackson (although there was also the major disappointment--on Mischief Night, no less-- of discovering that the latter's Raising Demons isn't actually about diabolical conjuration, but is a heartwarming memoir on parenting).

The personal crown jewel, for me, of any Spooky Reading Month was a ghost story.  I love l-u-v ghost stories.  If I had a dozen horror novels to read for SRM, I would save the ghost story for last, the special treat to be unwrapped late on Halloween Night (with a Zagnut, if I was lucky enough to get one in my door to door plundering).

Break My Heart 1,000 Times is exactly the sort of story I'd have saved for the end of Spooky Reading Month; it is the ghost story I have been wanting to write since I wanted to write. It is the scariest story I've yet written and I hope you will add it to your own Spooky Reading Month TBR stack when it comes out this October 16th.  I hope it haunts you the way it haunts me.

I'm doing a blog tour this month at a variety of high quality literary reader, reviewer and blog sites.  I'll be sharing stories about one of the actual ghosts I've encountered, I'll write about some of my favorite ghost stories, I'll be answering some questions about BMH1kx and writing in general,and I'll discuss some of the wacky Halloween costumes I've worn over the years.  It will be fun--we'll get all sugared up and visit some haunted houses!  Choose your masks!

Stay tuned, and I will post links to the blog tour stops as they arrive...

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