Monday, October 1, 2012

My Corporeal Book Tour

In addition to my oh so spectral blog tour, I will be appearing in a non-astral form at the following exciting events:

October 28th Boston Teen Author Festival, Boston, info here: BOSTON TEEN AUTHOR FESTIVAL

November 3rd, Vegas Valley Book Festival, Las Vegas, info here: VEGAS VALLEY BOOK FESTIVAL

Maybe I'll do some more stuff in New England if I'm invited. Especially if you have some type of event that has swanky hors d'oeuvres, or maybe a functional commemorative pen. I'd probably settle for you just having my books in stock. But I won't beg you.

 In other news, October is anti-bullying month (no, that doesn't mean you get to beat up a bully). One of the Kindle special sale books is the Dear Bully anthology, in which I reveal the Secret Origin of the Generation Dead series. Is the series from a Krypton-like planet? Was it bitten by a radioactive zombie? Was it splashed by a cabinet full of chemicals while simultaneously being struck by lightning? (Hint: it has something to do with bullying). Find out the truth (and read 69 other short and wonderful essays) for a very low price all October.

 Stay tuned for Blog Tour news!

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