Monday, October 15, 2012

Soccer Zombies and BMH1kx

I sponsored my son's soccer team, and so was given a section of the promotional shirt to, well, promote. I struggled with what to have my corner of the shirt read; a big ad for Break My Heart 1,000 Times didn't seem conducive to the tough and gritty competitive spirit required for the soccer field, and the tagline I invented for the Gen Dead series, "Some of My Best Friends are Dead" seemed equally inappropriate for a U-14 soccer team.

As you can see (top right) I went with my trusty brand name, with website and titles in a small font.

I was secretly hoping that they would name the team the Griswold Zombies, but no such luck. Maybe next year.

Don't forget: Release day for Break My Heart 1,000 Times is...tomorrow! Buy three or four copies and give to all of your spooky friends to read for Halloween! Or buy the special Bite-Sized edition to drop in unsuspecting trick or treaters' bags!*

* (Disclaimer: the special Bite-Sized editions of BMH1kx exist only in my mind; any edition of BMH1kx may prove harmful if swallowed)

Also, check out this wonderful review from Lost In A Great Book if you are still on the fence: Lost In A Great Book

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