Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Song For While I'm Away

Wow--it has been awhile since I've been here, hasn't it? Look how dusty the place is. Disgraceful. And shocking.

Busy, busy, busy. No excuses for this level of neglect, but...still. I haven't been entirely idle in the gap between this blog and last. I did another round of edits with my incredibly talented editor on Passing Strange. I wrote my first ever Generation Dead short story (well, unless you count Tommy's entire blog), which will be published in an anthology before too long (more on that later), AND I also finished another novel with the working title of Shiny Happy People. I'll let you know up front that this book is 100% zombie-free and is not part of the Generation Dead series.

And you know what?

I really, really like it. I think you will, too.

And books! We've got some books coming out this year, too. Check these release dates out:

March 25 Generacion Dead The first book I've written that I can't read!

May 4 Kiss of Life paperback, which includes a ultra-exclusive sneak peak of Passing Strange!

June 1 Passing Strange U.S. edition, which includes the ultra-exclusive entire text of Passing Strange! Wow!

July 8 Passing Strange U.K. edition, which includes the entire text of the book with bonus alternate spellings! With a special variant cover! The image of which I will post if anyone wants to see it!

Whew, that's a lot going on. I also tried to get Disney to do a special three-in-one gwp (gift-with-purchase) edition of the three books, but it didn't fly. I had suggested that the GWP be a wheel of fine aged cheese, but they politely thanked me for my idea and went to the next item on the agenda. Cheese doesn't really have anything to do with the books(I decided to cut out a scene where Takayuki and Skip Slydell discover that the secret of the zombies' return from death is linked to a particular brand of smoked Gouda found only in little roadside shops in upstate Vermont, for various reasons): I just like cheese.


Jeanne said...

At first I thought you'd said Tommy's blog was coming out in an anthology. Of course, it could be an entire book at this point. Maybe a better gift-with-purchase than cheese?

Paris said...

Yay, you're back (kinda...)! I can't wait for 'Passing Strange' to come out!
Well, I mean, i have to, but I would rather have it right now!

I want that cheese! :(
What did cheese ever do to them? *sigh* Now I guess I'll just have to buy some cheese, too.

Anonymous said...

Hey I'm kinda new here but I love the books. I was wondering if you were going to put out any merchandise because I would totally love to buy a shirt that says "Some of my best friends are dead"

Anonymous said...

Oops. my computer froze so I don't know if that sent. Well I said that I love the books and that I was wondering if you were planning on getting any merchandise for the books because I would totally buy a shirt that says "Some of my best friends are dead"

Daniel Waters said...

Hi Jeanne!

A good GWP, but better than cheese???

Take care,

Hi Paris!

See? I told Disney cheese would be a big draw!

Take care,

Hi Anonymous!

No shirts, but the future is uneritten!

Take care,

Angel said...

OMG! i live in Vermont so you should totally add the cheese part, show those up town states that a hic state like ours has good cheese!!!!! :) cause Vermont is just that cool :) ADD THE CHEESE!!!!! cause cheese (and Vermont) are amazind things!!!!!! :) love your books <3

Watching said...

Oh! Like the REM song?
I'll be looking forward to that!!

^o^ I'm EXTREMELY excited for Passing Strange to come out *marks the calendar*

As wonderful as cheese sounds, I think it was a good call on their part to exclude it, since it'd probably make the book stink. XD

Daniel Waters said...

Hi BeatenStrong!

Thank you! Cheese for all!

Take care,

Hi Watching!


But, who knows...the book may stink anyway!

Take care,

bookworm said...

Im so excited for Passing Strange
Cheese would be intersting as a GWP It would be cool to see the UK cover for Passing Strange too.
Even without the cheese as a GWP I can hardly wait for the new book like i mentioned before. I do hope that some merchadise for the books comes out :) well bye

Raschel said...

I like the idea of Tommy's blog being published into a book and being the GWP, it sounds like a winner to me lol. I'm glad to see you're back, don't forget the Questions I sent! lol Love ya Dan!