Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Passing Strange, U.K.

and also


Bennett said...

wow i love the uk cover another pretty flower!:)

Watching said...

*o* The UK covers really are something else.

Congratulations on getting your book translated into another language. It must be a really happy feeling.

Paris said...

Awesome cover!
but, "High school zombies for Twilight fans?"
This series is much better then 'Twilight', in my opinion. But I guess it is safe to say that a lot of 'Twilight' readers have come to this series.

Anyways, I love the flower (all of my favorite colors!) on the UK cover.
Even if it is a triffid...


Adele said...

yup, that UK cover is very pretty. :)

Anonymous said...

Doesn't having that Twilight quote there kind of bug you?

I love your books, but I have major issues with Twilight. It's like every fantasy story with any romance in whatsoever has to be like Twilight or it's not worth reading.

Your books, to me, are worth 10"Twilights". At least you can actually write sentences that make sense, and create something original rather than re-writing the same tired story that every single YA author seems to be recycling at the moment.

Phoebe said...

Loving the cover! I was wondering though... in Passing Strange, it seems that its only in Karen's POV. I'm sure it continues with Phoebe and Adam rightt?

Daniel Waters said...

Hi Bennett!


Take care,

Hi Watching!

Absolutely, very happy.

Take care,

Hi Paris!

Thanks for the compliment!

Take care,

Hi Hagelrat!


Take care,

Hi Anonymous!

Nah, it doesn't bug me. I haven't read Twilight--actually I read about zero YA paranormal fiction--but even if I had read it and hated it, I wouldn't worry about it either wat. In 2008, Ms. Meyer sold 20.5 million copies of her books. 29.5 million. If even a fraction of that group are atracted to my book because of the blurb, or because they heard "it is zombie Twilight", at least it will get read. The book has to stand on its own merits.

Actually, the Twilight fans who have given Generation Dead a try seem to either love it or hate it--very few are lukewarm about it.

Anyhow, thank you for the kind words.

Take care,

Hi Phoebe!

Adam and Phoebe are in Passing Strange, but I can't lie--Karen (and a couple others) take center stage!

Take care,

Erin said...

Wow! Such a pretty flower! It almost makes me wanna live in the UK! Almost. But i still want the US Cover more! :D

second chances said...

i only just found kiss of life 2 days ago ( and finshed) because i could only find it on sale in america then i was looking for night world and found it in waterstones i was jummping up and down lol its way better than twilight!!

does passing strange include takayuki hes my fav !!!

also i prefer our covers with the flowers :p

bookworm said...

the covers are awesome

Anna-Tommy-lover said...

Hello Dan!
Do you remember me?
Hahaha it´s been a while!
I have some serious math problems, and I have to go to clases :O But I will rest from them :)
I really can´t wait for Passing Strange!
And, I didn´t understand your other post...Generation Dead in Spanish?It´s a dream come true!Do you remember I´ve always told you it would me amazing?I lend Generation Dead to my best friend and she didn´t understand it, so she gave it back to me and said "When this book is released in spanish, I will read it" So I´m really happy about that!I´ll make sure everyone I know reads them and it will be a best seller :) And the next thing...maybe a movie?Oh say yes!If not, when I get older, I will make GD a really good movie!How?Hummm...I need a lot of money and a few years of practice, but I will try!I´d love Tim Burton directing this movie...or Guillermo del Toro, maybe?Or you!It would me amazing!:)And a really, really good sondtrack!And maybe Tom Felton as Tommy ♥ hehe!Oh I´m such a dreamer haha!But I´m so happy!:)
I like the Twilight saga, just a bit, but sincerelly your books are the best, I think you´re a genious.
Take care,
Anna :)

Anonymous said...

such a pretty flower on the uk cover kind of reminds me of new moon. what aggravates me is that it is so popular here that i cant find it anywhere!!!! not even the internet!!!!

Raschel said...

I love both covers that you have for Passing Strange, I can't wait to get my hands on it and read read read!!! We should get together to do some new ideas for the fan site....I am getting more time soon for working on things online so I should be able to do a lot more with it very soon..


kayla! said...

THIS BOOK IS AMAZING! I need the rest of them ASAP!

Sweden said...

Awww, seems like I have to read the book now, it sounds interesting.
But its a serie? How many books is their going to be? xD