Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Cool Things You Find on the Internet

Many thanks to Anna for creating this video--there's some very subtle touches here that I love.


Meg/Minx said...

wow, that's.....different. lol in a good way...I think. Karen is so pretty! lolz

Delaney the Undead said...

AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Awesome! I lvoe the things people do withthe sims on youtube...lol...

I have to go tell that person they did a super job.

Living Impaired Yazzie (not like it's a bad thing) said...

i do like that xD

Anonymous said...

While searching the recently added blogs, I found a review on Generation Dead. Sort of off topic, but I though you'd like to know that another review LOVE your book, JUST LIKE ME!!!!!


YourDeadFriendBee said...

Hahahaha! So great!
Karen, as always, looks gorgeous! Love it!

Daniel Waters said...

Hi Meg!

Yes, Karen is so pretty.

Take care,

Daniel Waters said...

Hi Delaney!

Please do!

Take care,

Hi Yaz!

Ain't it cool?

Take care,

Hi anonymous!

Thanks for sending that link, I appreciate it. Very cool.

Take care,

Hi Bee!

Yes, Karen, as always, looks gorgeous.

Take care,

Yazzie, The differently biotic kid said...

I actually applied for the voice over for Karen on this.
Seeing as I'm a welshy I'm surprised that the maker of this vid liked my american accent *laughs*

Anonymous said...

dear daniel. my name is mel, im from australia. i brought ur book generation dead on wednesday from a little book store named River Tales Book Shop in a place called margaret river that i was passing through. i havent even finished reading the story and i would like to say its so good. so far haha. im absoulutley loving it. it reminds me of Twilight that stephanie meyers wrote a little. however i would like to say u are a very gud creative writer. and yes the little videos are awsum it brngs the book to more life for ur fans like me they did a good job of that video.
when does the next book come out in australia??? um The kiss of life.
cheers :)

Anonymous said...

does anybody know what the name of that song is???