Monday, February 9, 2009

A Flurry of Activity

This is the third day in a row I've gone running, and I've added a mile each day. I'm only a pound heavier than I was at the beginning of December, which is about the the time I started slacking and going once a week (or, like in January, nonce a week). If it stays sunny and in the 40-50 degree range outside, I'll be back to fighting trim in no time.

And strangely, after confessing my slacky results in aiming for 3K a day, I've far exceeded that daily goal. Maybe confession is good for the soul.

In other news, I received an email from my pal Yazzie, who did that spectacular zombified author photo for me (as well as a number of other stunning works, zombie and otherwise) and she is undertaking a new Generation Dead project; a hypothetical Generation Dead movie poster!--I can't wait to see the results!

Here's the info, which is on a Generation Dead Facebook Fan Site (say that five times fast). If you are on Facebook you can check out the site here. As far as I know, there aren't any membership dues. And if you are on Facebook, why aren't we friends? Befriend me!

And here's Yaz's message:

Yaz wrote
at 10:38am yesterday
Hey guys!--- Me again

I've gotta new Generation dead idea floating around in my head

It's gonna be like a movie poster type thing and i need a few characters
I'm being Karen ['cause she's my fave]
And i have a person who'd like to be Colette
but i still need the other characters

so basically I need a Pheobe, Margi, Tommy[although my friend may be Tommy,] Adam, Pete, Tak and the other characters,
Yaz's deviantart site <-- there's info there if any one's interested and you can e-mail me at my e-mail address for more info:
neko-kyuuketsuki at hotmail dot com

Thanks guys!

~Yaz[differently biotic kid]


Yazzeh said...

I still need a pheobe for female people, i could always make more than one! I also need a Tak desperately, i think i have a pete, not sure though, I still need an adam also, if i've missed out characters just ask =]

Anna said...

I get to be Margi =D Yay!

Daniel Waters said...

Hi Yaz!
Let me know if you need me to post any updates.

Take care,

Hi Anna!

Congrats! You'll make a great Margi!

Take care,

Yazzeh said...

A lil update :)

I have all the female parts now. But i am willing to make more than one poster if more people are interested.