Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Generation Dead Message Board

Many, many thanks to Raschel and Yaz (Happy Birthday, Yaz! I'm glad you were born!) who have created a Generation Dead message board called "The Haunted House", which I'm sure will be fun for all. Raschel is the moderator, and Yaz is doing the artwork, along with lots of other cool artwork like this:

If you'd like to visit the new site, discuss the book and meet new zombie-loving friends, go to hauntedhouse at omgforum dot net. Rumor has it that Raschel will be running some cool contests and rumor also has it that she might have some books to give away.

In other news, I've learned once again that I am not a very intelligent man. Many of you who follow this blog know that I have been running as a means to stay healthy. Well, I've run the same route now for about a year now, and during this entire time I never really new how far I was running. This face has been a constant irritation to me, so I decided to do something about it. I spent about a half hour researching pedometers, thinking I could pace out the route. Then I thought that maybe I could use Google Earth somehow to trace the route and then get a distance count.

And then finally, I wondered if maybe the park I go to was listed anywhere online, and I found that it was--on a jogging site, no less. With a map of the exact route that I take. With the distance printed there for all to see. What a dummy I am.

Anyhow, the good news is each lap is actually a mile and a half and I've been thinking it was a mile, so I'm actually covering 50% more distance, and travelling 50% faster, than I thought I was, so I'm actually very close to breaking the sound barrier just like the Flash. Well, no. But I'm not as pathetic as I thought, either, because I'm running 4.5 or 6 miles daily instead of the 2 or 3 I thought I was doing. Not only that, but the times that I've been posting would put me somewhere in the middle of the pack with regards to my age bracket in some of the local charity runs that they have in and around town. My new goal is to run a few of these and refrain from expiring while participating.

In other other news, I went out in search of a new home away from home to write now that my once-favorite fast food place has removed my beverage of choice, and I ended up at a library. Not the library in the town where I live, but one a few towns over. I wrote much of Generation Dead there on my lunch breaks from work, and I'm happy to report that particular library still retains its magic. Out of the blue a brandy-new story idea came to me (no zombies) and when I looked up at the clock again two hours had elapsed and I had about ten pages done. Such a sweet feeling. Plus, I took out a bunch of books and CDs. I looooooove libraries.

Remember when I was talking about how I loved the particular fast food restaurant because of the height of their booths? Well, at this library the tables and chairs are at the exact proper height, both in relation to me and each other. I'm in absolute comfort there.

So I think I'll be going back daily for a little while. "Change of venue" has always worked for me as productivity strategy; in any type of work I've done (but especially writing) I've found that I could work much longer and produce better work if I moved around a little---as soon as my environment feels stale, my desire to work likewise wanes.

Anyone out there have any strategies on keeping their work lives fresh and new?


Delaney the Undead said...

You know, i would give anything to be able to sit and write ten pages of book anywhere. lol unfortunetely I wasnt blessed with the talent. So props.

As for the running...its official, you kick my butt at running. Ive only been doing about 3 miles daily (and yes, my mileage is correct, I drove around my route in my car to measure it. haha).

RC Horn said...

lol Well I am still on the search for my new congrats to finding a place. As for how to keep yourself flowing..that I'm not sure of.

I'm super excited about the site being up! Many thanks to you for posting about it here, and for all your cooperation in helping it move along steadily! This is awesome!

Zombie Girl.X said...

thanks Dan xD

i can't believe the site's all ready XD


So Many Books, So Little Time said...

Can you tell me anything about the new book?


Ellen said...

Nothing very exciting, but I'll share anyway. I try to have a few different things to work on, then switch tasks when I realize I've lost the drive for what I'm working on. Then when I go back, it's fresh and new again. Works at my job, and also for any projects I'm working on. Glad you found a new place to work!

Daniel Waters said...

Hi Delaney!

Try might tap hidden reserves you didn't have.

I'm not consistent with the running (milage or speed) yet, but I feel like I have my pre-winter body back. No I'm working on getting my pre-graduation body!

Take care,

Hi RC!

The site looks wonderful! for anyone that missed it.

Take care,

Hi Zombie Girl.X!

How many aliases do you have, anyhow?

Take care,

Hi Sophie!

I'm terrible at summarizing. I promise you it contains zombies, though. Sorry!

Take care,

Hi Ellen!

A good strategy, thank you!

Take care,

Zombie Girl.X said...

Me? I have like a million *laughs* given to me by my friends.

In a few years I'll have so many I'll forget my own name *laughs*

you're killing me btw, you should know why ¬_¬ =P

Michael Williams said...

With homework I struggle a lot to find a good balance and often lack drive to complete things early. I am not stimulated by much of the assgnements and for me that is a problem. I am hoping when I become a teacher I can assign a few fun things no matter what type of pesonality the students have.

In other parts of my life I find I have a huge desire to do a variety of different things and it is important to keep variation as part of my thing. I have a 5 part story on my blog that I am ever increasing but I had to take a long break between part 4 and part 5. had homework to do a movie review to fit in and I wanted to spend some time reading and socializing. SO tonight I was ready to quickly lay down the 5th part. When writing I find not having a set plan to be exhilirating and anytime I try to make a plan first I hit dead ends or lack the urge to continue.

This probably didn't answer the question you asked very well... :)

Jessica De Maria said...

Hey Daniel!

This is sort of the only way I've found to get in touch with you, so hope you don't mind. My name is Jessica and I'm a Teen Librarian with the Atlanta Fulton Public Libary System in Roswell, GA. I wanted to notify you of an award nomination "Generation Dead" has received for the state of Georgia! Would you mind dashing me an email with some contact info for you?

Thanks! Oh...and I just so happen to LOVE "Generation Dead" myself.


Daniel Waters said...

Hi Michael!

Interesting...actually you did answer my question. One of the things that is endlessly intriguing for me is the "creative process" and how widely it varies from person to person.

Take care,

Hi Jessica!

Thank you! Georgia rules!

Take care,

Anonymous said...

World war Z. Henry Rollins is in it.