Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Keep an Eye on Summer

I'm having some trouble coalescing my thoughts for "Under the Influence, Part III" and didn't think anyone would be interested in reading the ten pages I'd written thus far. What is a blog, anyhow? Is it entertainment? Information? Infotainment? Edutainment? Entermation? Mindless blather? A masochistic form of therapy? None of the above?

I'll edit, and post. In the meantime, some interesting bits of Generation Dead infoedutaintionment available on the web:

An interview with me at Yapping About YA:here.

An interesting website which breaks down some of the tropes in GD, TV Tropes. Many books and movies are discussed on the site and it would probably be useful for completing homework assignments or possibly broadening one's reading/viewing pleasure. Warning: Mild Spoilers: here.

The website of CJ Bott, Bulliesinbooks.com. Ms. Bott is an educational consultant who "uses literature to start the discussion on bullying." I was honored that she selected GD for reasons I've written about elsewhere in the blog. You can check it out here.

The first review from across the pond, that I'm aware of anyhow, at TheBookbag.co.uk. I absolutely swooned when the reviewer said that the style "is kitchen sink drama with humour." Read ithere.

Speaking of the the U.K. (which I often do, and with great respect), rumour (note special pandering U.K spelling) has it that Generation Dead will appear there in full flower (ahem) on July 7.


Anonymous said...

hey im too lazy to search your website looking for any hope of a second book. so if you could email me at kait_the_great49@hotmail.com that would be amazingly awesome, i'm getting my friends into Generation Dead. i absolutely loved it, maybe even more than Twilight! please please please, i NEED TO KNOW!! i'm gonna be pulling my hair out over this one.

Unknown said...

okay i really liked Generation Dead! Not more then Twilight sorry, but it has a great story line! and it's different. Just like Kaiti email me if there is a second one at tatigantt@hotmail.com. Please! I love your book!

Anonymous said...

hey sup i agree with vampire princess it has a great storyline but nothing can hold a candle to the twilight series but i love your book to but unfortunatly i have no email adress (yet) but when i get one you'll have to tell me when the next one (if there is a next one) comes out.

signed VAMPYRE QUEEN!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey...it's me again! Hi! Oh my gosh, I would love to have an in-depth discussion with you via e-mail, that would be so amazing...(yeah, my e-mail is nynjgirl@optonline.net since I'm too lazy to figure out how to change it) I'm on the computer a lot, so...any and all communication I have with people is MOSTLY on the Internet and/or e-mail. That made no sense at all...and this had nothing to do with the post at all...

Anonymous said...

OH PLEASE OH PLEASE OH PLEASE make a second Generation Dead book! Ive probably read Generation Dead 185 times over again and im still loving it but a second Generation Dead book will be even better! It would keep the story going and i would love to hear more of Tommy and the zombies adventures. Email me at stormyblue9@yahoo.com if you are coming out with a second book! Pretty please with a cherry on top? AND WHIPPED CREAM AND SPRINKLES!

P.S. Oh, and I love your book way more than the Twilight series.

Daniel Waters said...

Hi Emily!

I think 185 times has to be a record.

Take care,