Monday, June 9, 2008

Giving You the Shirt Off MyBack

In addition to the shirt I'm giving away to one of the people that posts on the last blog entry, the fearsome--and well read--Monster Librarian is running a contest for a large Generation Dead shirt over at The contest can be found here. There is also a review of GD here and an interview with me here. The interview was fun; we did it through Instant Messenger.


sandi said...

I entered the contest :)

and read the interview. SO excited to hear another Gen Dead book is so close. *ack!*

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. Another book on the way...I must resist squealing. This brightened my day by...a single notch.

If ever you find yourself in the wonderful, beautiful state of New Jersey (around the vicinity of Bergen County) E-mail me at because I would LOVE to meet you. Now, if you will kindly excuse me, I must go scream into a pillow about this.

-a Girl by Many Names-

Stone said...

Awww Dan you have to have a Video interview, there's no picture in your book so, I have no idead, ahem I mean Idea what you look like.
Well...I guess I could Google you and try to find a picture, but that just hit me now so....ya. (Akward)I can't wait for the next book (giving thumbs up).

Meggers08 said...

is there really another book coming out?
i just finished gen dead right now and i looked right away to see if there was another one.
i cant wait for it
that was soooo good!
ahh i cant wait

Daniel Waters said...

Hi Meggers08!

Thanks! Yes, you'll get to read some more about Phoebe and the gang when Kiss of Life comes out around this time next year.

Take care,


Anonymous said...

is there anyway that the sequel could come out sooner? That would be great because I absolutly can't wait to read more!