Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Most Literate City in America, Part 2

Game day for Danny. E. and I travel to a restaurant called Zelo with Jenn, our publicist from Hyperion. Jenn just got married . Congrats, Jenn! We're going with some people from the Disney Book Group and meeting people from Target for lunch. Everyone from the Disney Book Group is young, attractive, and passionate about what they do. Everyone from Target is young and attractive, and very passionate about what they do. Daniel Waters is, well, passionate about what he does.

When we sit down, I have the painfully acute realization that A). I am the oldest one at my table, B.) No one seems to know what Mystery Science Theater is and C). It could be said, fairly, that I resemble Pumpkinhead, except Pumpkinhead after he has been left out bleaching in the sun way past his freshness date. Did I mention everyone else is young and attractive?

Luckily I can overcome these differences, mostly, with my sparkling wit. I get to talk about my book, my kids, my prowess on the basketball court, and video games. Going with the recommendations of the Target people, I order the something-or-other encrusted sea bass, and am a little worried when a scoop-sized portion of what looks like wasabi is on the plate. I'm suddenly fearing that I haven't been half as witty as I thought I was, and have blundered into some insidious wasabi-based hazing ritual. I'm assured that the dollop is wasabi mashed potatoes, and upon trying them, discover they are excellent. All in all, fine company and a fine meal.

And, oh yeah, I get to sign books. It's the first time I've signed Generation Dead for strangers, which was actually kind of emotional for me. But I wasn't crying; that was the wasabi.

In part three I will regale you with Tales of Cheese Curds! Take Courage!

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