Sunday, January 27, 2008

I Like Music

Just got back from the stellar ABA Winter Institute and I have a lot to write about, but first I wanted to post this mini-interview Brian Hallenbeck, an Arts writer from The Day, a stellar newspaper in nearby New London, did with me concerning some of the many treasures on my iPod. Mr. Hallenbeck does a column called "What's On Your...?" and the "..." can be just about anything--bookshelf, iPod, DVD player, etc.

What's On Your...iPod?
Dan Waters, Author


Brian Hallenback

• “COSMIC SOUNDS,” The Zodiac. This collection of “bizarre, short, trippy songs” tops Waters' list of favorite albums “you might not have heard.” The 38-year-old Norwich resident, whose first book, “Generation Dead,” a young-adult horror story Hyperion will bring out in May, says some believe this is the first psychedelic record, and the first one to feature use of a Moog synthesizer.

• “WEB OF DHARMA,” Michale Graves. “Perfect, two-minute punk songs powered by Graves' clear vocal delivery and sharply ominous lyrical sense,” says Waters, who already has a contract to write a sequel to the first.

• “ONLY THE STRONG,” Thor. “I bought this when I was still in (St. Bernard) high school,” Waters says. “I am an unreformed metalhead at heart, and this album was one of the reasons why. I'm proud to say I actually met Thor on a tour, and he used some of my photography on two of his CDs.”

• “RAISE YOUR SPIRITS,” The Rosedales. “My first writing for pay was CD reviews for Cemetery Dance publications, a column I called Dead Beats,” he says. “All my reviews were of 'horror punk' CDs. I listened to this type of music constantly while writing 'Generation Dead'.”

• “DUB SIDE OF THE MOON,” Easy Star All-Stars. “On paper, this sounds like something I would absolutely hate: a reggae version of Pink Floyd's “Dark Side of the Moon.” ... But it totally works for me.”

That's it for today. Tomorrow I will tell you a tale of the Louisville Hot Brown and record some more Moments of Bizarre Synchronicity


Ena said...

Nice article!

I saw it Friday and had to Google your book. I scrolled through a few pages and found this blog and a great review of your book.

I am sure you have already read it but just in case:

I am dieing to read it. (Every bad clich├ęd pun intended)

As always good writing, and I look forward to hearing more about your adventures!

Daniel Waters said...

Hello Ena--

I did see that review, thanks!

PS--I read Sound Bites on the way to Minnestota, and loved it. Thank you!