Saturday, January 19, 2008

Danny Invited into the JLG

No, not the Justice League of Greenville, although they probably could have used me, as I have powers. Awesome powers.

The JLG in this case is the Junior Library Guild, which is an organization that makes recommendations and sells to public libraries and school libraries. I'm honored, as the JLG has an impeccable list of books. Generation Dead will be offered by the Junior Library Guild as a Spring selection. Sweeeeeeet!

Did I say things got interesting after we left for the airport? Maybe I exaggerated a little, although I did find it interesting that a little tub of maybe eight Pringles could cost three dollars.

I think I'm on the down side of my cold now, and hopefully will shake it completely before the trip to Kentucky. I don't enjoy writing or reading when I have a cold, and that might be the only time I don't enjoy those activities. Basically all I do is laundry and catch up on my television viewing, pretty dull stuff.

But hey, I did learn something very interesting on the trip from Jenn, the delightful publicist at Hyperion who is working with me on Generation Dead. She mentioned that there was an entire squad of goth zombie cheerleaders for the GD cover shoot, and that Hyperion's offices were filled with these willowy, spooky cheerleaders, roaming the halls! I'm hoping that I can get photographic evidence--I love the idea of these girls drifting along, and wonder what some of the "rejected" shots look like.

You know what is really, really weird? I found another twenty dollar bill today, right outside the school gym where I'm the assistant coach of my son's basketball team. Nobody was around, and when I asked the few parents' and kids by the gym door if they'd lost the money, no one said they had.

This money thing is starting to freak me out. I'm wondering if people are tossing money at me because they assume I am a vagrant.

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