Saturday, February 7, 2009

I Got a Million of 'Em

Sad to say, the "million word march" is not going so well--I'm far short of the 3K a day that I'd hoped for, but it isn't really about quantity, is it?

Excuses, excuses.

However, I've surprised even myself with some of the things I've written lately, in a good way. There were a couple days last week I was actually able to get out and run, and the sun has been out and hated February is already almost a quarter over with.

But so, so cold.

But hey, looky here!

Phoebe and Tommy. Many thanks to Becca N. for these!


KG's Babygirl said...

This is off topic but...
Why am I hearing from all these people (*cough Story Siren*) that they are getting to read Kiss of Life?
This is bumming me out.

Yazzie, The differently biotic kid said...

=O you can't hate February!! I was born in February!! *laughs*

Daniel Waters said...

Hi KG's Babygirl!

They must have connections!

I've never been a connected person. In fact, there's been times I have actually had to *buy* publications that I had stories in, because the publisher *forgot* to send me copies. How embarassing! Hyperion, thankfully, is quite the opposite--they send me goodies I didn't even know I had coming to me.

Don't be bummed. There were a bunch of mistakes in the arc that we've since corrected, so the one that you'll see at the library or in the bookstore will be a far superior Kiss of Life.

Take care,

Daniel Waters said...

Hi Yazzie!

Well, that is one reason to like February. Happy birthday! I'm a Pisces; does that mean we should be mortal enemies? I hope not!

Take care,

Yazzie, The differently biotic kid said...

I'm a pisces too, so i'm guessing we should get along *laughs*