Sunday, November 11, 2018

Amazing Sounds, Amazing Music--the I Still See You Soundtrack

I never dared dream there would one day be a soundtrack to a movie based on a book I had written, but if I'd been so daring Bear McCreary's soundtrack to I Still See You would have been my dream. In one of those strange moments of serendipity, I learned  Bear would be doing the soundtrack when I was watching season four of Black Sails, a show Bear scored. The I Still See You soundtrack is haunting, beautiful, and inspiring. I like to write with music playing, and so to write and be inspired by music that in some way was inspired by something I'd written is a special thrill. 

Tracks eleven and twelve are "Break My Heart" and "A Thousand Times".

Listen to Bear discuss his work and process with I Still See You 's brilliant and tall director, Scott Speer: 

The I Still See You Soundtrack is available for download at iTunes and Amazon.

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