Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Stitch #4: Purpose Statement

Last year I was happy to be involved with the Dear Bully project, which was put together by my friends Carrie Jones and Megan Kelley Hall. The initial idea for the Generation Dead series came out of my reaction to watching a television show about bullying in schools, and many of my story ideas for the world of GD involve some aspect of bullying. "Purpose Statement" is one story directly in that vein.

I foresee myself writing stories about pretty much all of the more peripheral characters in Generation Dead--since writing Stitches I've written one about Mal--and I've wanted to do a story about Popeye since introducing him in Kiss of Life (Tak will take his turn at bat soon also; I think there could be a whole book about him!) and "Purpose Statement" grew out of that desire.

It is one of the darkest tales in the whole series, but Popeye is one of the darkest characters I've written. I realize now that Margi's appearance in the story was to try and bring some light into that darkness. Popeye is one of those people who always feels that the world is against him, but unlike most people, he prefers it that way.


Anonymous said...

I just finished Stitches...loved it! Popeye's was actually my favorite. Not only cause Popeye is one of my favorite characters but the story itself was true and beautiful.

PS...Tak may get his own book?! Seriously?! Awesome!! Tak is my fav character! Popeye being my second.

PSS Keep writing Daniel! Cause you have a beautiful way of writing!

Veeandrea said...

If Tak gets his own book I will die the happiest person to ever die (and then I'd come back, because it's obvious you love me if you write an entire book about Tak, like come on!)