Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Generation Dead:Stitches

Out today in ebook! iBook,Kindle and Nook!

"How's Life"
"Doll Parts"
"My Dead Heart" (Exclusive to this collection!)
"Purpose Statement"

This one is dedicated (or is that deadicated?) to YOU. It's true! Buy a copy if you don't believe me!


Anonymous said...

is this available as a book or just ebook?

Anonymous said...

Could you please make Stitches an actual book and not just an ebook?

SamiDynae said...

I've just got done with Generation Dead And Kiss Of Life. My friend is currently reading Passing Strange. [We are pretty obsessed with this series] We've been to three different book stores thinking oh they probably just don't have Stitches in stock. But after some hunting online on Amazon and every other place imaginable that sells books I was disappointed in seeing it was only for the kindle or any other electronic device. I really would like to know if you plan on making Stitches available to pick up at a local bookstore? or if it will be on something that people my age are not able to afford?

Daniel Waters said...

Hi SamiDynae--

I hope that someone publishes Stitches in book form, but there aren't any plans at the moment. If you don't have an ereader, you can download the free kindle app to a computer and read Stitches there.