Saturday, March 19, 2011

Winners! And Sneak Peak #2

Friday's winner: Jenyfer H.! Thank you, Jenyfer!

Saturday's winner: Quinn! Thank you for your thoughtful post, Quinn! One signed copy of Passing Strange going your way! Thank you for all you've done for the After Party!

The contest runs through Saturday of next week--plenty of time to get your entries in and win, win, win. See how right HERE.


Just what happened to Sylvia when she went through the mysterious--and horrifying--process known as the Augmentation? What--or who--was going through her mind during procedures that literally took her body apart? Find out in "Doll Parts", the bonus short story that will appear in the electornic edition of Kiss of Life!


Quinn said...

Yay! Thank you very much, and you're absolutely welcome for the post. The books deserve it. ^_^ How is it best to send my address info to you?

Carol said...

Hey! I've loved all of your books! Keep them coming. I posted a status on my FB. Here's the link:!/profile.php?id=1342982898


Carol said...

As a side note, I've been really impressed by your books. They've been so much fun to read. I love how, regardless of whether or not they were meant to, they focus on such important social issues. I recommended them to a friend of mine who is a high school English teacher because they are a great way to open up. It's not always easy to put yourself in the shoes of someone that's black or white or any other race, but it is easy for anyone to relate to the loss of a loved one. I'm an adult and I still found myself learning from your books =]

Way to go!

Tipsy - said...

Hooray for the winners! Can't wait for the e-books to come out! :D

Daniel Waters said...

Hi Quinn!

You rock! Oddly, there is a character in the new story in Passing Strange names "Miss Quin". Don't tell anyone, but I named her after Tegan & Sara, whose last name is "Quin".

Take care,

Hi Carol!

Thank you, thank you. Much appreciate it, and I hope your teacher friend can sneak them into her classroom.

Take care,

Hi Tipsy!

Thank you! I can't wait either--oh, wait. thay are out!

Take care,