Monday, March 21, 2011

Even More Winners! Plus Sneak Peak #3

Sunday's Winner: Shy_yet_Talkative_Girl! A frequent poster, here, there and everywhere--thank you for your work with the After Party!

Monday's Winner: Yes, people really do win on Mondays. Just ask Aamna M., who will be receiving a signed copy of Passing Strange! Many thanks, Aamna!

Release date for the electronic editions is tomorrow, but we're picking winners all week. For details on how to enter, check HERE


"Purpose Statement" takes place after the events of Passing Strange--"life" in the GenDead world continues on! Tommy is back in Oakvale after his world-changing trip across the country and to D.C., where he successfully implored lawmakers to grant the differently biotic some basic rights--including the right to attend school! "Purpose Statement" follows the trials and tribulations of one of Oakvale High's newest undead students--Chadwick Sebastien Appleton, who you all know as Popeye. After a confrontation with TC leads to an after school challenge, Popeye decides he is going to teach him and his fellow students a lesson they won't soon forget.


Kelly said...

You have no idea how happy I am right now!!!! So, should I email you my address??

Daniel Waters said...

Hello, winner!

Please do! WatersDan at aol dot com.



Anonymous said...

Woop! Had such a busy week I've only just seen this. Thank you! I've inboxed you my address on Facebook
-Aamna xxx