Monday, February 21, 2011

Virtual Street Team and CONTEST!!!

Next month, the Generation Dead series will finally be available in electronic editions in the U.S., and I'm hoping that you (yes, you--the one with the cute hat, and also you there in the purple, and the one who had the Cobb salad for dinner, and you, who always sits on the left hand side of the bus near the window in the third seat--all y'all, actually) will help with the "launch".

I will be giving many wonderful prizes to randomly selected people who blog, tweet, Facebook, or post info about the upcoming editions. Any old post will do. "I read a moldy dead tree version of Kiss of Life and I liked it, and now it is coming out on the Kindle" or "I'm really excited to read the new ebook edition of Passing Strange" or "The GenDead series made me wish I was dead, and not in a zombie way, but you should think for yourself and give the new electronic editions a chance on March 22." Anything along those lines. I'll be googling "Generation Dead series ebooks", but you could post a comment here on my blog or on my Facebook page to make it easier to find you.

Also, one mention would be nice--two at the most; one prior to launch and one on launch day. I'm torn between my desire to "get the word" out to reach new readers vs. creating an obnoxious spamtastic (spamsmodic?) advertising campaign. If I see a book recommendation pop up from a writer or a Facebook friend or a blogger I read it makes me happy and I may act on the recommendation. If I see the same recommendation from the same person every day for two weeks, I assume that they have been replaced by a Pod Person and I never take their recs again. So if you are so moved--I'd appreciate a quick plug. But please, no spamination.

As far as the goodies go:

I'll be giving away a signed copy of Passing Strange every day during the week the ebooks launch to randomly selected members of the Virtual Street Team (which needs a cool zombie-themed name--a signed copy of PS to whoever gives me the best one!!!).

One Virtual Street Team member will receive the complete signed GenDead series in hardcover!. I haven't decided how I'll pick the winner of that one--most clever post? The post that gets the greatest number of responses and comments? Someone I like?

And to help you help me help you help me, here are some interesting facts about the new releases:

Each title will contain a special, brandy new GenDead short story written just for these editions! Wow!

All three books--Generation Dead, Kiss of Life, and Passing Strange--drop on March 22!

Each edition will contain all of the zombie-riffic words that were in the print editions (unless we find any mistakes that need correcting)! Plus as noted above, brandy new short stories!

These new editions will be completely impervious to your little brother leaving abig Cheeto thumbprint on them!

So again, if you want to help with the launch, blog, post, text, status update, vlog, IM, chat or otherwise Internet-thingy "Generation Dead series ebooks" and "March 22". Wonderful prizes await!


Anonymous said...

Yay! I hope the ebooks will be released on nook as well as Kindle?

Jessica said...

For the street team, what about "The Undead Walking?"

EvilGu said...

"Virtual Scream Team?" lol. Perhaps too corny, yes?

born2lose479 said...

i guess the launch will be my new motivation to invest into the e-readers. so far, i have highly enjoyed all of the gen.dead series! excitement floats into the air when i hear new possible stories of the un-dead! leaves me beautifully breathless...

Delaney the Undead said...

HAHAHA Okay Dan, I'm going to send a suggestion for the street team:

how about,

"The Afterlife of the Party"


I use this term alot and have been dying (haha) to find suitable place to use it.

As far as tweeting and FB-ing, how do we 'officially' enter the contest? Meaning, how will you know when we have spread the word?


As usual,

Unknown said...

i think you should get a twitter first so we can @reply u

Unknown said...

i think you need to get a twitter acount first so we can @reply you

Daniel Waters said...

Hi CM!

Yes! Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Sony, Apple...all the above!

Take care,

Hi Jessica!

I like that!

Take care,

Hi EvilGu!

How are you? I don't think that's too corny.

Take care,

Hi born2lose479!

Thank you! Me, too!

Take care,

Hi Dee!

I like the suggestion. And re: the contest. I...will always...know.

Take care,

Hi Jennifer!

I have one, but I never use it. It takes all my energy to think of an occassional Facebook status update.

Take care,

second chances said...

OMZ in drama me and my friend had to write a monolouge and we decided to do one baced on generation dead! mine was tommy thinking about phoebe and my friend did hers about phoebe to tommy ! it was realy good and we recived distinctions... preety good huh ? XD

Anonymous said...

Told alllllll my facebook peeps via one simple post. I already have the books but when I get my Kindle I'm getting em all again. haha. Happy birthday to me!

Anonymous said...

Will you be able to buy all the books via Apple (ibooks app?)

Daniel Waters said...

Hi Second Chances!

Excellent! And congrats on earning the grades!

Take care,

Hi Aamna!

THANK YOU! And happy early birthday.

Take care,

Hi Anonymous!

I am told, "yes"!

Take care,

matthew dow smith said...

Incredibly excited about the ebook editions AND new short stories. Can't wait.

And I vote for "The Afterlife of the Party".


Daniel Waters said...

How about "The AfterParty"? That still has the after life connotation, makes it sound fun, and can use "party" in the sense of a group of people.

Dee, I'd send you a signed book--but you have all my signed books, don't you? Would you like a Spanish Kiss of Life?

Take care,

Ashanti said...

I left mine on Fb. My new status 'Generation Dead series are coming out in ebook edition on March 22! P.S. The Dead can have fun too!'LOVE LOVE LOVE The Generation Dead Series!!! (=^.^=)

Read2Read said...

I tweeted about it Twitter Name: gclyde89

and I made a blog post about it on my blog.

Kat said...

I don't have a FB, but I did do a little feature of the books on my blog. So count me in!

Quinn said...

I posted a blog on my myspace account. I'm happy to promote something of true quality. Considering that I work at a library and read constantly, your books still stand out as some of the best. (Blog link)


Quinn said...

Sorry to double post. However, in case you weren't able to view the link, I thought it best to paste it here. I wasn't sure if a myspace account was necessary to view it, etc.

Generation Dead book series
I wanted to promote a book series that truly deserves it. One that is from an author who isn't too well known yet, but who should be. And that author is Daniel Waters.

Those of you who haven't read the Generation Dead series should. Not only is it entertaining and a quick read, but one that you can apply ideals from to your everyday interactions.

On the surface, the Generation Dead series is about zombies and high school. Yes, it is written as a YA series, and yes, all of the characters are in high school and involved in high school drama. Is there more to it than that? Oh hell yes.

In the world that Daniel Waters has so skillfully crafted for us, certain teenagers are returning from the dead. Only teenagers, and no one knows why. We are never granted a straightforward reason like radiation, genes, a nuclear explosion, or germ warfare. Which is part of what separates GenDead from other zombie fare.

The second and strongest reason you should read GenDead is the social commentary and depth that pervades all of the current three books and shall continue in the others to come. The zombies that return have no legal stance, they're discriminated against in high school. They are "slower" physically and verbally. I cannot think of a better analogy to apply to how the handicapped are treated, or even any minority to some extent, than one like this. While gracing us with a fully current and applicable situation, never once do the books become overly preachy or unenjoyable. Waters weaves dynamic, layered characters with a fast plot and values into a web that sucks one in and keeps you stuck until the end.

The focus of the books also shifts characters and perspectives throughout the series, but never in a way that is unsatisfying or too quickly. I appreciated this change, as it lends more depth to the series. Through this technique, subjects like love, depression and suicide, not fitting in, and politics are looked at in a fresh way that does not become boring. Even the antagonists are viewed differently, so that there is never a clear black and white. Throughout the chapters, I switched between hating and sympathizing with our primary "villain". Few series have ever done this to me, and rarely so effectively as in GenDead.

So why write all of this now? New releases and more chances for you to enjoy the books at a good price and with different convenience. On March 22nd, the electronic copies of each book thus far will be released. And with the new version, an extra short story is included. Not just one, but one per volume!

From Daniel Water's blog:
"Each title will contain a special, brandy new GenDead short storywritten just for these editions! Wow!

All three books--Generation Dead, Kiss of Life, and Passing Strange--drop on March 22!

Each edition will contain all of the zombie-riffic words that were in the print editions (unless we find any mistakes that need correcting)! Plus as noted above, brandy new short stories!

These new editions will be completely impervious to your little brother leaving abig Cheeto thumbprint on them!"

I highly, highly encourage you to take a peek into the world of the Differently Biotic and see your definition of zombie lit get redefined in a way that is fun, entertaining, quick, yet deep all at the same time. Appreciate them for what they are in one form, and reread them and find a whole new light each time.

-Thanks for providing us with such great books!

Mexi G. said...

Um, what about the name"the Corpse Corps" for the virtual street team name? I mean, OMZ, I think it's a good name, at least... (My name is Alexis Gremillion, btw)

krazykittymatt said...

Would it count as an entry if I'm doing an oil painting of MY version of Tommy and putting how excited I am about all three books being releasing in electronic editions on my Facebook? -Matt M. (hopefully you get to see it)

krazykittymatt said...

Also, I'm hoping to have the oil painting done by tomorrow! :D Hopefully you like it. My FB link is at the bottom and it's in the album "Artwork", thanks for creating an awesome series! -Matt Mora!/krazykittymatt

Anonymous said...

So here's the link to what I put on my blog:

here's to my little input on

My little ramblings Vlog on the subject:

and last but not least, facebook:!/profile.php?id=100001007813904

I just wanted to cover all the bases and hope everyone I know now knows.

krazykittymatt said...

Here's my facebook shout out to the ebooks being released!!/krazykittymatt/posts/190408214329296

And here's an oil painting I did of my version of Tommy as a way of saying how stoked I am for them being released! (I also pitch the ebooks being released!)

Can you tell how badly I want to win those books yet? lol

Daniel Waters said...

Hi Ashanti!

Thank you!

I do appreciate it!

Take care,

Hi Read2Read!

I saw those! You are entered in the contest.

Take care,

Hi Ms. Elise!

Thank you very much. I will check that out.

take care,

Hi Quinn!

Wow! You can double post any time. Plus, you are one of the winners! More to come...

Take care,

Hi Alexis!

I like that! Very creative. But I'd already picked "The After Party", so I'll go with that.

Take care,

Hi Matt!

Wow, thank you! I love your art. Is everyone named Matt a talented artist? My pal Matthew Dow Smith is also a brilliant artist. thank you for the post--there's still a few days left in the contest...

Take care,

Hi Manyaramblings!

Thank you! Welcome to the After Party. I will be drawing a new winner in another hour!

take care,

krazykittymatt said...

Thank you so much for looking at my art! I'm super happy that you loved my it! I just remember reading that you liked pretty pictures. lol I'm glad you think I did justice to one of your characters. I'm seriously honored that you even acknowledged me let alone my work. In those couple of days, keep me in mind for the running! lol Thanks a bunch! -Matt

Carol Annabelle said...

I adore your books! They've been so much fun to read and have given me such a great break from busy work. I have talked all of my friends ears off with recommendations so I figure the rest of the internet should know about your books too!

Here are all of the reviews//posts I've left =]

Book review websites
I'm #64 on this one

My FB (The status was posted a few days ago)




I really have fallen in love with the Generation Dead series. I hope you’re ebooks are beyond successful!
PS! I know you’ve already picked out a name for your street team, but just for the fun of it,
“TEAM Z- for the active fan”