Sunday, February 13, 2011

GenDead Around the World

And here I'll take a break from posting paperback covers from my library to posting one of my own covers. Here is the cover for the Turkish edition of Generation Dead, out this month from Artemis:


Nina said...

OH! Why have them changed the girl? In Spain the girl is blonde and wears a cheerleader's uniform (like in the American one)... I think this one's cute too, but I don't understand why they changed her... ú_ù

ShadowN said...

Nina Artemis Publishing is a modernist publisher. And famost by a distintictive covers. I both live this cover and original :) Hope, I will be reading soon !

sandi said...

Nice! I like this cover

Daniel Waters said...

Hi Nina~

I don't know either--but I like it!

Take care,

Hi ShadowN!

I hope you will, too!

Take care,

Hi Sandi!

Me, too!

Take care,

-landslide said...

Hi I'm a Turkish person and I finshed book this day !
Oh My God , This book is magnificent.
I'm so excited about 2nd book and When Kiss Of Life will come to Turkey ? I can't wait !!!
Thanks ^_^