Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Wall of the Dead

Nothing in this world compares to writing and being read.

But experiencing artwork based on something that you've written comes awfully darn close.

Many, many thanks to Evilwarlordgu (is that your real name?) for this incredible piece from one of my personal favorite scenes in Generation Dead. The amount of detail that you put in the Wall pictures is stunning--illustrating many of the photos and scenes mentioned in the book, as well as a whole host of others--you really took my breath away!

But, um, not in a Tommy permanent sort of way. Thankfully. Click on the above image to be able to experience all the fine detail.

Love, love, love Phoebe Phan Art. I've been given permission by a few artists to post some more, but please feel free to send me stuff directly at WatersDan at aol dot com.


Danielle said...

Whoa. This is honestly the best GD fan art that I've ever seen.

xI'amberx said...

I just fell in love with that!

EvilGu said...

Ah! yay! I'm just speechless that you like it so much! (*is blown away*). No, EvilWarlordGu isn't my name...though I wish it was! Gu is my nickname, though, and the one I use everywhere on the internets! I'm excited to see more fanart, so I hope other people email you some stuff! There's some great stuff up on Deviantart from other people, too. :heart:

Ontaria said...

wow, that's pretty good actually. EvilWarlordGu should do some more.

Raschel said...

Hey! Check out the newest newsletter from author Kelly Armstrong...she only does three per year for her three different newsletters and guess who she picked to talk about...YOU! And GD of course lol.

Hang Yourself From Stolen Dreams <3 said...

Amazing!! I've made a lot of fan art... but I'm too embrassed to post it.

Daniel Waters said...

Hi Danielle!

It is pretty sweet, isn't it?

Take care,

Hi xl'amberx!

Me, too!

Take care,

Hi EvilGu!

Thank you thank you thank Gu.

Take care,

Hi Ontaria!

I agree with everything you say.

Take care,

Hi Raschel!

Hey! Long time no see!

Thank you for pointing that out; I really appreciate it. I will send Ms. Armstrong my thanks!

Take care,

Hi Hang Yourself From Stolen Dreams &It;3,

Aw, don't be embarrassed. You should see mine--every time I sign a book for someone, I draw a little zombie by the signature. Only, guess what? I can't draw! I keep tryin', tho!

I guarrantee that your art is better n' mine!

Take care,

Tracy said...

I love fan art.

Hey I saw this and understandably thought of you and your books...

At least I assume its understandably LOL.

Kira said...

I love the picture! This was my favorite scene in the book.

It's funny tho--I've converted a bunch of my friends to Generation Dead-ism. And a few of them can draw...they should draw something. (I can't even draw stick figures. I can't even doodle :P)

Anonymous said...

oh, tell me there will be a sequel to the sequel! to leave the story where it is at the end of Kiss of Life is downright cruel! I really really need to know what happened to Karen, because she was my favorite character. Even more than Margi!

chloe,louise,ewart said...

Dan, i read generation dead, and it glued me to the page, i never put it down. i finally finished it on my way to a short holiday. i was dying to get the sequel. and i did whilst on holiday, it took me 3 days to read it half way, now im near the end. i hope there is going to be a 3rd book.
your fan

Anna-Tommy-lover said...

Beautiful n_n I like Tommy!
My boyfriend xD, I really like that they are like in a dark room.
Really cool!
I just finished a Karen fan art, but I don´t have camera TT_TT I lost it in Six Flags, Í was friking out, but in december I will buy another one, and I´ll send it to you :D
Can´t wait to read "Passing Strange"!
I hope Christie disspaears!Haha!And then Anna the zombie wins Tommy´s heart!Haha!Just joking xD
I hope Anna appears more, I´d like to know more about her life & death, and afterlife haha!
" "


Isis Aquino said...

hello, mr. Waters i got your book and read it in guiness-record time. I´m a young poet from the Dominican Republic and I think that you should take GD to the next level: TRANSLATION!!!!!! I think there´s a good spanish-speaking public for your books.


Michael Williams said...

That was a pretty darn cool pic! The detail is amazing.

meagan said...

I actually have a question about the book. On page 283 when Phoebe makes her speech to her parents about how she could get hurt if she and Tommy went to the dance...she says "I could get hurt a thousand ways...I could make the school explode with my telepathetic powers." Is she attempting to make a joke or is it a typo? It's really spelled telepathic.
Thanks, Meagan

Anonymous said...

Megan, it was on purpose. I think Margi says something about why they call it that.

Daniel Waters said...

Hi Tracy!

Wow--that guy is hardcore!

Take care,

Hi Kira!

The zombies I draw in my books look like squished spiders, so don't feel bad.

Take care,

Hi Anonymous!

There will be a sequel to the sequel!

Take care,

Hi chloe.louise.ewart!

Thank you for that, that is very kind.

Take care,

Hi Anna-Tommy-Lover!

D'oh! I'm sorry you lost your camera!

Take care,

Hi Isis Aquino!

I may have some good news for you soon...

Take care,

Hi Michael Williams!

Thanks--yes, she did an awesome job.

Take care,

Hi Meagan!

Anonymous is right, "telepathetic" is a sort of running joke between Phoebe, Margi and Colette (and sometimes Karen).

Take care,

Hi Anonymous!

Thank you for providing the correct answer!

Take care,